Gear for a lvl 16 witch with some spare cash


Our group has come to have almost 300k of gold to divide among our party members.
We have already the basic stuff (cloaks of resistance, belts and headbands, rings and amulets to raise AC, etc.). I haven't still bought a headband of intelligence because I kept going with Threefold Aspect, but I'm thinking of getting a +6 to INT headband.

We have 3 metamagic rods: extend spell (lvl 6), reach spells (lvl 6) and quicken spell (lvl 3).
We have a cauldron of overwhelming allies that I often use.
Also I have a handy haversack and I'm wearing a blouse of the cackling witch. I have also hyperboreal robes, even though I'm not wearing them, and a ring of evasion.

I've spent a lot of gold in new spells and, as we have a cool group, passed some of my part of the loot to martials who are more equipment dependent than I.
Now I'm thinking of getting some cool stuff for myself and, aside of the average gear, I wanted to get some ideas about cool stuff I can pick.

The 300k are for all the group members, not myself only, and I don't care a lot about the items being OP, just cool stuff I might not have thought about. Also I don't want to spend a lot in a single item unless it's really, really cool or it really benefits my party as a whole. Also, I might consider picking some cheap stuff that makes something more funny or interesting than useful.

I am a Time buffer/debuffer Witch with some healer tendencies who loves playing a support role but I have also powerful SoS to take advantage of debuffing and of my high INT score.

If you have some gear ideas for my other party members they are welcome too. We have:
Sword and board tankish Fighter.
Archer Skirmisher.
TWF Slayer.
Abjurer Wizard.
Storm Druid with a slight focus in blasting.

The martials all have access to fly via flight boots and have the basics covered.

Some interesting ideas for me or my group?

The fighter or slayer might like a batrachian helm if they've got a sense of humour. It's one of the few ways to get swift action movement in PF, that you do so with a tongue coming out of your helmet may be a price worth paying.

For you a circlet of mindsight (avoid being snuck up on) and boots of escape (say no to grapples) seem like good ideas.

More later, got to go now.

Thanks a lot for the ideas! Having a spell to increase my INT/WIS makes the circlet an interesting option, as it wouldn't hurt so much not being able to wear an INT headband.

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Actually a circlet is a different slot, head vs. headband. You can have both. No, it doesn't make sense to me either.

A cookbook of arcane augmentation might go well with your cauldron. Free metamagic is always good to have.

If the archer doesn't have a silver nocking point and either a goz mask or fogcutting lenses, you might suggest those to them.

Items which are usually cool and occasionally useful include most figurines of wondrous power and a lyre of building.

Thanks a lot! The fog-cutting lenses are a great idea. We had trouble with a Winter Witch who abused fog spells xD
I hadn't realized that the circlet and the headband were different slots. When you told me that I realized that my blouse and my robes can also be used at the same time, so thanks for that too ;-D
Being honest, I had never paid too much attention to gear before.
I think my party is going to love some of the suggestions. I need to convince the Slayer to pick the Batrachian Help! She's going to have some laughs with it. One of the cool things I can see about the helm is that she could use it too to pull willing targets, so I can see an utility for helping an ally to retire/reposition or even to make a full attack after pulling herself towards a big enemy.
The silver nocking point is nice, but our Skirmisher is getting cyclonic enhancement on her bow, so she doesn't need it.
The lyre of building is definitely not for us but I love it! My players from S&S got one just last session and they are t a really nice environment in their island.
Thanks again for your advice! I'm definitely purchasing some of that items!

I would normally suggest the Flying Broom for a witch, Very flavorful and ALL day flight not just a few minutes.

Boots of Teleport are amazing group investment and saves spell slots. 3/day teleport is strong.

Rod of Rime Spell is a great investment as Entangle is a brutal condition without a save.

Rod of Dazing is another control option for the Casters.

Another Rod of Extend. I tend to end up with like 2 lesser and a normal rod on my casters. But I am also the type of Player who loves long standing buffs casted the night before so I a full spell list on the adventure day. Life Bubble (one of my favorites), False Life, Overland Flight, Mage Armor, Greater magic Weapon, Magic Vestment. There are a Lot of spells that can benefit.

Echoing Rod- This is great for the 10 Min/Level non self buffs like Barkskin, Stone skin, ect ect.

Manuals/Wish- Boosting Stats can be a good idea. Turn an Odd number into an Even number to get an extra +1 can go a long way with People's Main Stats.

The broom is cool but I usually never spend all my Flight hex uses per day so it would be just for coolness. For long traveling it could be useful anyway.
The rods are a great idea, I love rods and prehensile hair makes them even easier to use.

Grab a Rod of Abrupt Hexes to bolster your action economy. Get the Aerial Agility version of the INT+6 headband for constant Fly. If you can afford it get Wizard's Mail for Armor(no ASF and Greater Slick),

Love the rod of abrupt hexes, but it's so expensive that I'd rather spend the money on other stuff.
To bolster action economy I'll use my own Quicken Spell and the rod and keep using Standard actions for my hexes.
Not that I wouldn't love having it, but not willing to spend so much in it.
Again,the headband is great but I don't need more flight at this time so I'd rather stick to the cheap version.

Well you can always retrain the Flight Hex into something that is better now? Since you can access all day flight items I feel the Hex might be wasted now and could be better served doing something else or providing you with a new option.

This is of course only if Retraining is allowed. Some of the other members might want to retrain something as well. an option that has lost it's luster.

We haven't used the Retraining options still and I don't think we will, but that was a good idea. I like my flight hex for fluff though and I don't have much better options for my hexes anyway.
Still have to pick 1 lvl 8 spell, 1 hex and a lower level spell for this level... I'm taking it with calm xD

If you use lots of compulsion spells Heroes of the High Court (just released) has a 5,000 gp Chastising Baton that gives you a +1 DC and on a successful save still hits the target with a 1 round sicken and 1d6 nonlethal. Come for the guaranteed sicken debuff, stay for the 1/20 spells that succeed when they wouldn't have otherwise.

I usually don't pick options that have still not been added to the SRD because... reasons.
But the item looks cool and it's unexpensive. I like it, even though I'm not being so enchantment focused as I thought I'd be when I first created the character.

We'll be retaking the game in a couple of days and still haven't decided anything. I'm so lazy!
I still have to pick 1 lvl 8 spell, 1 lower level spell, a hex and equipment... Why do I always leave everything until the last moment!

Well, I've already decided to pick a Headband of Intellect, but I still have not decided which skills I'm boosting, so...

We'll also picking some fogcutting lenses, I haven't decided anything else yet.

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