Achievement based feat acquisition


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A concept I'm tinkering with. Rather than having characters gain feats by selecting them, instead have characters earn feats by using the related actions without the feat. Obviously, not all feats would work like this, and classes would still be allowed their bonus feats (or perhaps a discount on the achievement?).

Anyway, idea would be more like an achievement system in a video game. Something along the lines of 10 attack rolls with a weapon, grants proficency. 100 attack rolls grants weapon focus in that weapon. And so forth.

Does this system already exist in the Pathfinder rules? Suggestions about doing this, or reasons that this a bad idea?

Training and research rules come to mind. You could have successful and unsuccessful attempts count for a part of a day's worth of training. This could reasonably allow for a mix of training time and actual attempts to get you new abilities.

There's some achievement feats from Legacy of Fire. They're chosen like regular feats, but have prereqs like the ones you mention.

I think they're cute but ultimately just another barrier between what you want and need for your character to function.

It sounds like a video game where all your rolls are automatically recorded/processed would be a better match for this than a tabletop game. The bookkeeping could be a nightmare.

It might work better if you tied it to unusual events in-game and limited it to some feats which aren't core to the characters. Like slaying a dragon and getting some feat related to dragonslaying.

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