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The question is simple: Which version of the Pathfinder/DND troll do you like best?

Version 1:"Plant Man"
Most humanoid looking one, with thin, lanky features, wicked claws, sunken eyes, droopy nose, pointy ears, and plant-like skin.

Version 2: "Scaled Brute"
Much bulkier, with defined musculature and plated, reptilian skin, beady eyes, jagged tusks with four fingered hands bearing ragged, flat, long nails and stumpy, a snarled, stubby nose, and an extended lower jaw with a slithering, long tongue.

Version 3: "Man-Beast"
Has an almost wolfish snout, shaggy fur, leaner build, rotund belly, bowed legs, and flatter heads.

So, which is best? I personally like #2 as being distinct from the plant man troll, still keeping that savage streak though it doesn't seem as freaky. Version 3 strikes me as silly, like a bumbling cartoon rather than a ferocious monster. The features are exaggerated beyond the point of being agreeable, and its beady eyes look more dumb than they do malicious.

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I like the one(s) that lurk under bridges, personally...

version 1 reminds me of Meg Mucklebones from Legend (with Tom Cruise) so I don't dislike it. I would prefer trolls were modeled after their real world mythological counterparts (basically coming in sizes from Ogre to Hill Giant) although some of the Norse trolls did look ridiculous.

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I would vote for version 2, but instead of scaly, it has rubbery skin.

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I'd vote for number two, but given the bizarre biologies of the trolls, it could be plausible that the regeneration causes them to have differing appearances over time, adapting to injuries and environmental conditions, so a troll in a more forested environment could end up looking like #3, one that needs pure intimidation could end up like #2, or one in a swampy environment could end up like #1.

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#1 for pure nostalgia reasons. These are the trolls of my childhood, wretched things kept killing me in Baldur's Gate.

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No.1 was always troll for me. No.2 is not bad, but I really don't like the default paizo version (no.3).

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Plant-man (v. 1) comes the closest, for me, to a creature that could lurk under bridges, so it's got my vote.

My favorite trolls are the ones that stay off the internet.

blergh, like they would cut themselves off their audience...

it's the green skinned, big nosed version for me.

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I like the Stand Still Stay Silent trolls, but they are something entirely different.

The only good troll is a post-dawn mountain troll.

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V.2 just looks like a swol orc. V.3 is too bestial. I like V.1, mainly because I like the trolls being more "creepy forest stalkers" than "extra angry giants".

It's a tossup between the ones with the frizzy colorful hair, or the ones that have four chans.

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To me troll will ALWAYS look like this D%26DTrolls.JPG

So close to 1

I be profer'n de wow vers'n mon!

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[derailing]I've been trying to hold off, but every time I see this thread, the troll toll from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia becomes stuck in my head. [/derailing]

I've always treated trolls as a catch-all description of any number of smaller giant races, and even Large goblinoids, generally the more mishappened and mutated, so any description of any creature brought up here that couldn't be found on Mimi's desk at Winfred Louder is possible.

Since DDO was a big entry into tabletop gaming for me, trolls are like this

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