Temporary HP and injury poisons.

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What happens when a creature with temporary hit points is hit by an attack with poison with an «injury» type? Does she count as wounded even if the damage does not bypass the temporary HP or would it prevent the poison to make effect until the additional hit points are gone?
I didn't have this situation in a game but I am curious.

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The temporary HP doesn't matter for the effects of poison. If you fail the save you are poisoned and the poison works as normal.

Nothing unless those temporary hit points come from a kineticist Force Ward, or some other similar effect.

Thanks. My thoughts were that RAW damage is still damage even if it goes to temporary HP, but as you don't take real damage I started wondering.

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You'd still need to save against the poison even if it only hit your temporary hp. The poison rules state that a hit is what prompts the save (doesn't specify minimum amount of damage). The rules for DR state that if the damage is negated then rider effects (like poison) don't happen. There is no similar rule about negating poisons in the temporary hp rules, therefore you apply the general rule that injury poisons require a saving throw when you hit something with them.

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