Redwing (mention of a possible spoilers)

Rise of the Runelords

I have been looking for information on Redwing, mentioned in the AP to be/have been a pathfinder. He's most famous for the book Eidolon, I know there are some spells listed as "Redwing's spells" in the dungeoneering player companion book (I think) and possibly a quote in some othe booklet, other than that I haven't been able to find much information on the guy.

Anyone where there could some small bit of info on him? Mostly asking out of my own curiosity and for possible fluff to give the players when they reach that part of the AP.

that's about it for Cevil Charms. A mention in RotRL, his spells in the Dungeoneers Handbook...
There's not even a page for him at the PF Wiki.
Make up your own backstory, I guess

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He's probably the personal PC of one of the folks at Paizo, or at least somebody in one their groups who contributed to the genesis of Pathfinder and the concept of the Pathfinder society. Just a guess, mind.

Maybe just ask Greg Vaughan. He should know...

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Should have thought to slip in a copy of "Eidolon" in one of the batches of books somewhere along the way before Jorgenfist - even if the PCs just went ahead and sold the book, it would have added a little I think.

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