Count Ranalc's nightmares

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Due to events in my campaign, Count Ranalc is depressed and dreaming in his cold home on the Shadow Plane. What terrors would his sleeping mind conjure up for him? For my fairly high-level PC may have to face these as they seep into the material plane.

These are a few ideas I had:

- Distorted shadow versions of the other Eldest, lesser in raw power but more terrifying.
- A shadowy Nyrissa, who first makes nice to the PCs and then coldly betrays them.
- Gaping pits of void that leech all the life and light from the areas around them.

What other terrors could we expect to find stalking the subconscious of the Lord of Exiles and Betrayal?

PCs work for his competitor could be a nightmare for him if they're powerful enough

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A warm and lovely hall full of dancing, good food, warm fires, and glowing candles. The viewer is outside, looking through glass windows and iron bars, with a freezing rain coming down the back of his (or her) neck. One of the dancers inside looks out the window, sees the viewer, and smiles as they whirl away in someone else's arms.

1) A dull gray featureless plain. The sky is overcast, the clouds never moving. As far as the eye can see, there is just a gray dust. No matter how far you go, that's all there is.

2) Exactly what they're dealing with already. Maybe Ranalc is living his nightmare?

Oo, glad I checked back on this! Took a while for the first reply, I had given up hope.

Love the dancing hall idea, tonyz. Totally using that.

I also like the dull gray featureless plain! As a refinement, the ground might shatter under heavy steps, leaving gaping pits of void where the ground has crumbled away.

Thanks so much, this is helpful!

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