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Hi, I'm a big fan of the souls serie and I am wondering what are the options for a character in Pathfinder to make a Boss weapon.
I was thinking about harvesting something from a defeated powerful enemy like clothes, bones or hairs and combine it with an object (weapon/armor/ring). A bard could then boast the item to make people believe it's an amazing item while it's only a longsword +1 with some hairs.

I heard about a soul trap spell too. Could it be used to make boss soul weapons?

Are there other content from Pathfinder I could use to make Boss items?

They're right down the road!

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It would be a neat idea, but I don't think the rules exist. Best bet would be homebrewing.

Soul trapping spells are exceedingly expensive because you cannot resurrect a creature without its soul. Thus possessing this ability is much more important in Pathfinder than in Darksouls.

However, if you were to be in a homebrewed campaign where you can capture the souls of powerful creatures automatically then this would be a good chart


Mindless Spirits (10 gp): While it’s possible to capture the vital essences of vermin, basic oozes, and other such unthinking creatures, these paltry spirits are worth very little.

Animal Spirits (25 gp): This category contains creatures of animal-level intelligence, whose spirits—while presumably worth something to some deities, as reflected by the value of animal sacrifice—are rarely traded in the soul markets. In fact, though the existence of animal spirits is undeniably real, there’s rampant debate in many societies over whether such things truly count as “souls.”

Basic Soul (100 gp): This is the soul of a standard intelligent creature—a commoner, a low-level adventurer, a sentient monster of low CR, or any of the other hordes of weak or mundane folk who live out their lives with a normal amount of pomp and excitement. This is the lowest category of souls which interests daemons, who see animals and other nonsentient creatures as hardly worth the time to destroy.

Noteworthy Soul (500 gp): The souls of mid-level characters, rulers, famous or influential people, and other powerful, accomplished, and otherwise important people draw greater attention than basic souls, and drive bidding higher accordingly.

Grand Soul (1000–5000 gp): High-level characters, great heroes, dragons, powerful aberrations, and other such spirits of fabulous power and forceful personalities offer equally significant rewards to those who manage to contain their essences.

Unique Soul (priceless): For the truly unique souls—those of legendary figures, epic heroes, and other massive presences—there can be no going price. The unique sparks that live within these creatures are valuable beyond compare, and the frantic bidding (and backstabbing) that arises when one of these trapped spirits comes up for sale is the sort of thing fiends and undead wait thousands of years for, paying nigh-unimaginable prices for the right to consume or display such an artifact.

Based upon this chart not even a Grand Soul by itself is enough to push a weapon up past +1. However, you could certainly adapt a DnD campaign into which souls are gathered upon death and would allow them to be forged into specific weapons when combined with a Unique Soul.

Also would work nicely if you planned on getting rid of Gold and simply using souls as a currency.

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