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I do play-by-post here on the forums and have started searching for translators to replicate languages. So far I have goblin, draconic, infernal, elven or celestial, it could work for either.

Does anyone else have any they use? Better ones for some I have? Other ones? All are welcome. So are systems for making normal speech sound/look like a given language, or real world languages that might fit something.

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This is my favorite one for fantasy languages. They've got plenty of other stuff too (taverns, ballads, etc.)


I've looked at that one a few times, I think my problem with it was that some words get left in, which ruined it for me, though I could see how that could possibly even be the reason others like it.

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I like using Greek for Azlanti, personally. Norwegian for Ulfen, Romani for Varisian, Chinese for Tien, and so on for the human languages. Most of them have one (or more) real-world counterparts, so that can be rather straightforward.

If you aren't against puns, use Latin for Necril.

Hawaiian seems to be a good Gnome, but could also be used for Ignan.

Thanks, those all look good to me, I'll keep them in mind.

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I'm with Deadalus. For PbP, I use Google Translate. The common ones I use are...

Romamian for Varisian
Greek for Thassilonian
Sanskrit for Draconic
German for Dwarvish
Finnish for Elven
Chinese for Tien
Japanese for Minkai

And I just make up gibberish for Goblin.

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Our group uses Latin for magic, and German for orc. I'm the outlier, using Thai for magic (looks awesome on scrolls!).

Odd tip: Run the piece through the translator a few times, back and forth until it starts to differ to create an 'old' version or dialect the players might not be up on.


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The Bing translator from Microsoft includes Klingon, which in my mind is perfect for orcs.

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