Need help on how to play barbarian / Witch / EK build !!!!!


We have been playing kingmaker in a home game for the last 2 years. My friend, who plays an Urban barbarian 1/ scarred witch doctor 6 / EK 3 had to leave the game (so down to 3 players now).

So we kept his character with us and we try to play it as best we can, but having some issues as he’s relatively weak in combat (mostly having low AC and his impact seems minimal).


- Currently, we are all lvl 10
- other members in group are magus 10, hunter 10 and paladin 10
- Started the game with the old rules for the witch doctor, so his casting stat is based on Con
- stats: STR: 18, DEX: 12, Con: 24, Int: 12, Wis:10, Cha: 10
AC 19 (mage armor + dex + 1 amulet natural armor, +3 ring)
HP: 114
save: F: 13, R: 4, W: 6
AB: melee: +11

Weapon: +1 Furious Greataxe
Race: Half-orc
Feats: Extra Hex, Raging Vitality, Power attack, Furious Focus, extra hex
Hexes: evil eye, misfortune, Fly, cackle, prehensile Hair
Patron : Strength

Gear : amulet +1, ring +3, +1 furious greataxe, belt of physical might +2 (Con and STR), a bunch of minor wands, extend rod

Spell list: 1st: Ill omen X2, Divine favor X2, Mount, CLW ; 2nd glitterdust, Mage armor, Raven’s flight, bull strength, Web; 3rd Dispel magic, lightning bolt, Summon 3 ; 4th Dimension door, Black tentacles; summon 4

Main issue: when not too many enemies, he will debuff with hexes or cast spell or go into melee. As he built it for EK, he was meant to go in melee, but his AC is really low and his witch class doesn’t allow armor or doesn’t have access to defensive spells such as mirror image, displacement, etc.

So I seek your help for 2 things:
1) how to best play this character in combat (like the first 4 rounds)
2) How to best optimize this character forward in the future.


anybody has insight on how to play this??

Sovereign Court

Old scarred witch doctors capitalize on having high dc spells, black tentacles is a good start, witch has the get blood armor spell, that can give you a potential +5 to ac if taking enough damage, also no one says you need to be the frontline, let that to your pally and grab a reach weapon (or use the long arm spell and enlarge person to get MAD reach).
Also you have to gain some new spells if you want to be combat efective: Greater false life and cloak of wasps may serve you well, long limbs too (shure you dont have high ac but have tons of hp, and the wasp attacks anyone who attacks you)
know that your damage wont be that good, but you have some usefull spells to cast.
Start the combat with a rod of quick spell in one hand and your weapon of choice in the other
I would something like this:
After combat buff yourself (False life or grater false life, enlarge person, long limbs, etc. If you dont use your rod to help you with that.
1st round: Quicken ill omen(by rod) Black tentacles/ slumber (one of the best hexes, dont know why she hasnt but try to get it).
2nd: Quicken enlarge person (if didnt do it earlier), Buff yourself with anything that you want as standard action.
3: Free action drop your rod and star to smash things at range.

Im not a witch fan, but hope this serves.

Badbird is coming...

I'll just throw out the potential of dex-based. It's kind've tricky here,but could help with AC.

Can you get false life? Another trick here might be to absolutely boost your HP as much as possible. Grab toughness, whatever FCB you have, and other tricks I know people have.

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