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Hello, fellow GMs.
Two of my players gave me their background stories. I have some ideas, but want to know what you guys think (especially those you, who have already dmed the AP).


So, one plays a sorcerer with the dragon bloodline. He plans do take the Dragondisciple PrC later on. He wanted to take the brass dragon.
Now I thought, what about telling him blue would be better?! Having his familiy worshipping a cult of Kazavon for years, the pc might alteady know parts of Kazavons story, maybe also about Scarwall.
Maybe, Kazavon (or Ileosa) could later on somehow influence him in a kind of way - nothing too harsh here. Could this work, or do you think this would be too much?

Another playes a Magus, and told me he is working to get a certain sword for his built. I told him, he might find this weapon during the campaign. As he fled the ongoing conflict between Belkzen and Lastwall and the cruelties of war to find some peace in his hometown of Korvosa, I thought he could've heard about tha Serithial while fighting in Belkzen. He might only know the poem and now wants to find it, searching old books for clues.

Do you think I could do this and just wait and see how things develop? Or do you think this is too much info ahead of the time...
Thanx for your insight and ideas!

Serithial is mine!
Sorry, I was just remembering when I played this AP and one of the enemies yelled this.

I think both ideas are good. Making this kind of changes helps to involve your players in the story and when that part of the story takes place they'll feel rewarded. It would be a good way to insert some clues to upcoming events as long as you don't give them too many information.
If you tie the dragon sorcerer to Kazavon make sure that you keep hidden until later that the cult of Kazavon might be more active than it's thought and Kazavon is not as dead as he seems.
Also, try to portray that his family might have been manipulated or something, and he doesn't see the cult of Kazavon as a good thing when things are exposed, because he could be motivated to make an alliance with the enemy, which wouldn't be good.
By the way, wasn't Kazavon a black dragon?

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Kazavon was blue. I like the basic idea, but make sure the player is all right with having an evil dragon rather than a good dragon, or a brass rather than a blue -- some people are really invested into particular parts of their background. If the player insists on a brass dragon, you could maybe have it be an enemy of Kazavon's (bonus points if his dragon-ancestor's skull is mounted on display somewhere in Scarwall).

Having someone questing for Serithial could be a great one -- be sure to drop some clues from time to time so the player doesn't lose heart. The Shoanti might have some stories from the old days... or the Arkonas have a book in the library, Famous Swords and Their Fates, something like that. Maybe Trinia knows something...

My mistake on Kazavon's color probably came from my GM adaptating some stuff from this AP to fit some of our previous campaigns. He made Kazavon black and I was confused now between the original AP and the changes he made.

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Guys, thank you! Exactly the kind of ideas I was searching for.

The player is actually fine with blue dragon. He doesn't know that his family is actually a small cell of a cult of Kazavon (doesn't exist in canon, but I made it up), who study Kazavons history.
The pc actually doesn't want to be evil and may start to dislike parts of his family.
Let's see how this will work out...

More ideas?!

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The obvious thing will be to have Sial and Laori be members of this very same cult instead of just Zon-Kuthon worshippers: "Hi, son of our old friends!" Maybe Laori is his aunt or something... think of ways you can foreshadow that a bit.

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Also, if you plan giving Serithial to the magus, be sure it doesn't bring conflict to the party. If it could be useful to another party member he might want to claim for himself, and as you have made the magus quest for it, he will see Serithial as his own.
Only you know your group well enough to see if this could happen, but it's something that you have to consider.
In my party Serithial didn't fit any of the melees and ended being used by a bard, as neither me or the fighter wanted it.

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So, I misunderstood the player of the magus. He will play a Bladebound Magus. This means,

the sword is already in his possession. This means, that Serithial seems to be out of the game... :(

I now think about a possibility that Serithial might be the Magus' sword, but still needs to be awakened. But than I need to change the history of Scarwall somehow, as Serithial is, as we all know, hidden there...

Maybe it somehow got stolen, and now needs to be brought back to Scarwall, to be fully awakened again, and gain all it's abilities?!

Any ideas?!

Maybe the magus' sword is a fragment of Serithial -- the hilt and a piece of the blade, and the rest of the blade is still in Scarwall. (The hilt could have been brought back to Korvosa with the Crown of Fangs and then somehow separated from it, and then somehow got into the magus' hands.)

What Tonyz said looks interesting.
Maybe his sword was build with a fragment of Serithial, maybe it is atuned to it in some way, but the magus' blade attracts him into Scarwall and joining with Serithial. When it comes to contact with it, suddenly the bound blade loses all its powers, empowering Serithial, and it becomes the magus' new blade.
You'd have to look for a reason to make it make sense, but it can be a way.

Aonther option might be to have Serithial be a blade of pure force, which the magus can absorb into his own weapon.

or his blade is serenthial and it powers must be unlocked.

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