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Ok, stop snickering at the

Seriously, though, in a few months I'll be starting a new campaign from 1st level right on through to 20th. The basic premise is an invading army from another dimension is sweeping its way across the land and the adventurers have been sent to retrieve important items (both magical and mundane) before they are taken by the enemy. But their adventures will take them to several foreign countries on the continent where there is no language in common with the "Common" language the players speak.

So what's to stop me from making a Ring of Tongues that allows them to communicate with other races and nationalities? It costs 7,500 gp to cast Permanency on Tongues but it has to be cast by the user himself. The idea is to have the cartel, ruler, guild, or whom ever hires them to have them. How much would such a thing cost?

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Based on the price for a Lantern of Revealing, I'd say 22,500 GP if a wizard crafts it* (both are based on a level 3 spell, but Tongues' duration is 10 min/level, compared to Invisibility Purge's 1 min/level).

* It would be cheaper if a bard or inquisitor crafted it (not quite 50% off, since they get Tongues as a level 2 spell at level 4), but a wizard seems a more likely crafter.

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Actually generally you want to go with stud variants instead of rings for the tongue....

Possibly using a Share Language Spell might work, since it lasts 24 hours a pop.

Ok, thanks! I figure two per party would be about all that would be needed. That way if the party splits, and they usually do, at least one of them would be able to communicate if they encountered natives.

Isn't there a ring that adds any given 4 languages already?

Ring of Eloquence from ACG

The Ring of Eloquence would be handy in their homeland, but going to a foreign land it wouldn't help much. In my setting there are no common tongues, even among the same humanoids if the distance is great enough. So a Gnome from one country might speak a different version of Gnomish than one from a distant one.

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