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Will Aethera (Encounter Table Publishing) be Starfinder Compatible?

If Aethera isn't, will it surive the launch of Starfinder?

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To the best of my knowledge: after some deliberation by Mr. Brookes, Aethera will be remaining a Pathfinder-based setting. (Among other things, it's built heavily around elements from Occult Adventures that are not yet known to be part of Starfinder.)

I have total confidence that the setting will not only survive, but thrive - we put a lot of care and work into Aethera, and it should be more than enough to stand on its own.

Hopefully this sets folks' minds at ease. ^_^

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Did someone say SPACE?

Aethera is as Starfinder-compatible as Pathfinder is, since it works seamlessly with the Pathfinder RPG. Its absolutely its own Campaign Setting with a much less "high tech" look at outer space. The themes and settings are much less related to one-another than they may appear on the surface, and to use Aethera you won't need to learn a whole new RPG. Aethera is perfect for Pathfinder players who want to keep playing Pathfinder, but if players want to play with the setting in Starfinder I think it will be a relatively painless and quick transition.

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