Things to increase a monk's AC.


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potions of shield are not legal potions.

JR's complaint reminds me of another item which can be helpful for AC, the Amulet of the Blooded (Destined), which gives you a +2 luck bonus on AC and saving throws during surprise rounds or when you're unaware of the attack. It is kind of a small bonus, but it is there when you need it most.

Having a very high AC isn't really "covering all defenses" though I rarely see anybody advising folks to keep their Will save low enough that monsters still have a decent chance to Dominate them (one way a succubus or vampire might really like to "interact" with you). Anyhow, unless you also have high touch AC, high CMD, high saving throw bonuses, Freedom of Movement, etc there will probably be some bad stuff a lot of monsters can do to you even if they need a 20 to hit your AC (or at least your fully buffed and fighting defensively AC)

Indeed, and one of the up-sides to the Monk defensively is that they're adding their WIS bonus to CMD and don't have to worry as much about saves - Unchained Monk may have low Will, but they should be racking up WIS anyhow.

Chess Pwn wrote:
potions of shield are not legal potions.

Thank you for reminding me of the Shield limitation, indeed Personal doesnt work as a potion. Wands or scrolls it is.

@BadBird - Yeah, Unchained Monk seems like it could be pretty competent. I'm tempted to try one out. I'm already semi-infamous for playing Monks though I usually just multi-class in for a level or two.

Devilkiller wrote:
@BadBird - Yeah, Unchained Monk seems like it could be pretty competent. I'm tempted to try one out. I'm already semi-infamous for playing Monks though I usually just multi-class in for a level or two.

I think Unchained Monk with a bit of Urban Bloodrager could be a wrecking ball. Easy +3 to hit and bonus damage for the cost of a level and a feat or two, then Flurry and Style Strikes.

Errant Mercenary wrote:

Just a comment on people trying to increase AC very high. The fun in the game is being able to interact with each other, sometimes by covering all defenses what you achieve is the Gm not being able to interact with your character during combat.

As for more ac options, the Gauntlet style gives you a shield bonus, unsure how it interacts with monks.

Have several potions of Shield and Mage armour are the cheapest and one of most effective ways of buffind monk ac. Combine with Divine fighting technique from Cayden Cailean (note, alignment needs certain archetypes) and instead of a tankard skin it as a sake pumpkin - the true drunken monk!

I have been known for creating characters with very high AC so I try to watch out for this.

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Using all of your resources to increase your characters defences will simply mean that the enemy ignores you and slaughter the rest of the team first. So whatever you do make sure your offense is also up to snuff. And being unhittable is in general not very fun for everyone involved.

My suggestion would be to allow CR appropriate enemies to hit about 20% of the time and make sure your offence can kill them within two rounds.


Allen Aynes wrote:
Okay so I know about the bracers of protection, the amulet of natural armor, and monk robes. So what else is there that I can use? I don't mind taking feats to increase it but if at all possible I'd like to avoid it.

Wand of Mage Armor + Wand Keyring

Wand of Shield + Wand Keyring
Belt of Physical Perfection +
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +
Amulet of Natural Armor +
Bracers of Protection +4 or greater(use Mage Armor until then to save GP for other items)
Monks Robe
Ring of Protection +
Furious Defense ability(Unchained)
1 Ki Point for +4 Dodge(original monk)
Barkskin(any monk)
Race that adds Dex/Wis and/or Dodge/NA (Oread, Vanaras, Kasathas)
Sidestep Secret(for Charisma Monks (unchained archetype Scaled Fist)) from the Lore Revelation of the Oracle
Snake Style for Sense Motive to AC vs 1 Attack(meh)
Monk Style Strike of Defensive Spin

Not sure what else....

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There are so many buffs and debuffs which can be applied during combat that it could be tough to decide what AC is "unhittable". When my Orc was around levels 8-10 an "average" level appropriate foe might have had around a 35% chance to hit him - until my PC tripped and or demoralized the foe and maybe the Witch used Evil Eye. Then we could easily end up in the "nat 20" range.

On the flip side, if he got caught flat-footed and flanked he could potentially get hurt pretty bad. Anyhow, I'm not sure if I'd walk around with an AC 2-10 points lower because I'm worried that when we fight enemies who aren't mindless and can't fly I might end up becoming "unhittable". I also wouldn't like to forego the use of debuffs and combat maneuvers so I can make sure that foes always have "a fair chance" to hit me though. In fact, I really like the use of teamwork and tactics to change the chances in a battle. The monsters can do a lot of the same stuff from their side. I say keep your defenses strong and beware of crafty monsters!

You could always multi class as a psion or sorcerer I have a monk of the 4 winds/ tracuer psychic warrior and I can use force screen and inertial armor on top of my DeX and wis bonus plus dodge and nat armor. If you wanna solely focus on monk then take 1 lvl in psion and the rest in monk u can also use psionic feats if the gm is ok with them

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