Immortality Wizard discovery: What's involved?


This thread is not about what the discovery does or doesn't do mechanically. There are about 101 threads on that. Feel free to discuss that there, but please not here.

What I'd like input on is what the discovery actually involves fluff wise. Mechanically It's just a feat and I get that. for Role play purposes is it a special potion the wizard figured out how to brew? is it a very specifically worded wish? Did they make a deal with an outsider? did they somehow remove their age and store it in a box? Those are the kid of ideas i'm looking for. Thoughts?

Any of those or none, there's no restrictions.

Other ideas? A portrait of the wizard which ages instead of the wizard him/herself. A particular sort of philosopher's stone. Lucid dreaming to Idun's orchard (or whatever Golarion's equivalent might be.) Replacing your blood with quintessence (& surviving that.) A special regimen of mental and/or physical exercises. A tea made from a hundred herbs. A supreme effort of will. Immersion in the river Styx and surviving that. A ritual where they were covered in ambrosia and burned away their mortality on a pyre.

Edit: it's an (Ex) ability. Huh. Some of those might not work.

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Apparently there's just a deferral form you need to submit to the Boneyard. Of course, the bureaucracy involved is so convoluted that only a 20th level wizard has the means to navigate it to get the proper form.

Have you read Jitterbug perfume? I like to imagine it similar to the immortality in that book, except without the downside.

Scarab Sages

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Well, first off, you discover the power of a long lost arcane tool, the Juice Wizard!

Here is proof that it works!

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