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Visitors from the Clockwork Realm: More fun with templates, and other planes.

Return to the Barrier Peaks: Prep Work, Part 1: Some more thoughts about running a classic D&D module using 5E. But mostly a mini-rant about inconveniently large dungeon maps.

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Heroes of Freeport: Bloody Lucille: A 1st-level stat block for the freebooter featured on the cover of Freeport: The City of Adventure.

The Phryx and the Queen of Winter: A new wintry fey race from my "Time of the Tarrasque" setting.

Building the Bestiary #18: Aberrations: Things That Should Not Be...and how to build them.

"They Never Did Catch That Rhino": Statting up a LEGO model as a Pathfinder creature.

The Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour, Part 2: Psionics!: Mearls tries to de-mystify the Mystic, and build a better Psion.

Time of the Tarrasque: Almost Time Again!: My Pathfinder campaign's hiatus will soon be over. Huzzah! Here's some of our plans for the transition back to regular play.

Mordenkainen's Book of Foes and Freeport: Thoughts on combining the archmage's tome with the City of Adventure.

Unearthed Arcana and Freeport, Part 8: More races and subclasses, and how they might fit into the City of Adventure.

Big Ears, Small Magician: A rather ridiculous character idea for the Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG.

#RPGaDay2018: Days 4-5, 11-12: Off to a late start this year, so playing catch-up.

Plane Shift and Freeport, Part 3: Dominaria: More Magic, more Freeport!

#RPGaDay2018: Days 13-16

Catching up on links now that the servers are working again (huzzah!):

#RPGaDay2018: Days 17-19

The Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour: Monsters and Playtesting

#RPGaDay2018: Days 20-23

#RPGaDay2018: Days 24-27

#RPGaDay2018: Days 28-31

How do you go about creating a character for play?: I use a variety of starting points. Here are a few examples.

LEGO Minifigures: Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts: This new series features interesting new parts and debuts a few new characters.

Time of the Tarrasque #14: Family Matters: After a year's hiatus, we finally return to my homebrew Pathfinder campaign!

To sleep, perchance to dream...: As an apology for the late blog this week, you get a fragment of a weird dream.

Advanced Bestiary: Dust Bunnies: *sweep* *sweep* "ACHOO!"

The Kynthiad: Sources for reference and inspiration: The books and other sources that I use most when planning my Greek mythology game.

#Inktober2018: Days 1-8: I'm trying #Inktober this year. Here's the first several, now that I'm caught up.

#Inktober2018: Days 9-12: Precious, Flowing, Cruel, Whale.

#Inktober2018: Days 13-16: Guarded, Clock, Weak, Angular.

#Inktober2018: Days 17-20: Swollen, Bottle, Scorched, Breakable.

Time of the Tarrasque #15: Give Me a Clear Charge Line: Hobgoblins want to see some orcs die, too.

#Inktober2018: Days 21-16: Drain, Expensive, Muddy, Chop, Prickly, Stretch.

#Inktober2018: Days 27-31: The final batch of my #Inktober2018 drawings--Thunder, Gift, Double, Jolt, and Slice--with a bonus creepy dream story for Halloween.

Time of the Tarrasque #16: Gorza's Well: A visit to our cavalier's home village provides a fight and some information.

Time of the Tarrasque: Dust Mantis: The monster featured in our latest session.

Cassilda Tillinghast: My first psychic magic-wielding Pathfinder PC, a mindblade magus.

I'm posting a little early this week due to the long Thanksgiving holiday coming up.

Unearthed Arcana and Freeport, Part 9: More Magic, Eberron, and the Sea

Time of the Tarrasque #17: Quaint Local Religions: Our heroes witness a sky burial, and make a deal with some kobolds.

Time of the Tarrasque: The Story So Far: A list of links to past sessions of my homebrew Pathfinder campaign, with one-line synopses for each installment.

Pathfinder Iconics Minis: A look at the minis I've built to use for Pathfinder Society pregens.

Building the Bestiary #19: Celestials: Hark, the herald angels...and archons, and azatas...

My LEGO Nativity Scene: 'Tis the season to use my hobbies in my decorating.

2018 in Review: The Blog: A look back at the fourth year of my weekly blog.

The Forge of Fury #6-7: Forges and Dragons: In which our heroes find the dragon at the end of the dungeon, and are miraculously not eaten.

Book Review: Sacred Band: If you like intelligent superhero stories, and thoughtfully rendered LGBT characters, then please check out Sacred Band.

TBT: The Orc and the Pie: A classic joke dungeon, in LEGO.

Converting Death in Freeport to Fifth Edition: Quick-and-dirty conversion notes for the original Freeport adventure.

Time of the Tarrasque #18: Beating Out Some Answers: In which our heroes fight more orcs, and scare a lot of information out of one.

A Baker's Dozen of Pathfinders: Let me tell you about my character... (illustrated edition).

Time of the Tarrasque #19: Mist Opportunities: In which our heroes fight various scavenger--and scavenged--creatures of the desert.

The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigures: My review of the latest collectible series!

Kickstarter and Me: 2019 Update: For me, 2018 was a year for backing D&D 5E projects--some amazing, some dreadful.

Wild Cats for D&D 5E: In which I help my daughter--our family's newest DM--create stats for an ocelot.

Time of the Tarrasque #20: Too Much Climbing: In which the caravan climbs the Shalash Escarpment, and Edel gets news from home.

Unearthed Arcana and Freeport, Part 10: Sidekicks and Artificers.

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