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OK, I am making a Sacred Humtmaster Inquisitor as a backup character for a home game of the AP of Giant Slayer. I am thinking of taking the animal domain to beef up the the animal companion I get from the sacred huntmaster archetype. I know the levels stack to determine my effective druid lvl for my animal companion's lvl. I remember reading that paizo came out with a ruling/errata that said an animal companion's max lvl can only be the PC's druid lvl + 1. But I can't find it anywhere. I was just wondering if it is true or not and if it is, could someone tell me where to find it at.

I believe thag faq concerned situations where a bo us to effective level, as from a fcb, is applied to the effective druid level for the companion, but am having trouble finding it.

In this situation you run up against the general principle of not counting the same thing twice, in this case your inquisitor levels. The divine hunter archetype for hunter has a specific rule for this circumstance, you could talk with your gm about applying that rule here.

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It is a PFS specific houserule, but one I would recommend other GMs adopt - it is very sensible.

I agree with Java Man that you fall afoul of the double counting principle. That recommended solution seems solid though.

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Is your sacred huntsman inquisitor the class taking animal domain?

Because if you did you would be two effective level that don't stack.

A 10th level sacred huntsman has an effective Druid level of 10.
Animal domain you get effective Druid level of 7. See the part about animal domain being Druid - 3.

Pick 7 or 10 as the same levels can contribute two different effective levels.

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If you need a clean ruling, you can follow the way Divine Hunter does it. You don't get odd druid levels, you just get a buff to the companion at 4th level. +2 attribute points to distribute how you want.

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Why would the levels stack for your animal companion? They are both based on your Inquisitor level.

My DM, gave me his ruling already I get the bonus the divine hunter archetype would get for taking the animal domain. Thanks for all the replies guys.

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