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For gold and glory! Grand Prince Stavian III has promised lands and noble titles to those bold enough to reclaim long abandoned territory on the sparsely populated frontiers of Taldor. Bring order to the lawless and chaotic regions and fight off the ills plaguing the land to claim greatness as the next heroes of the empire. Can you manage to fight off the bandits, monsters and other horrors of the Whistling Plains or will you too be a casualty of an empire in decline?

In the Interregnum Adventure Path heroes will explore the area and engage in battle and conquest against roving bandits, orc tribes and scurrilous robber barons and lay claim to long dormant titles, lands and riches in the name of the empire. They will engage in rebuilding and fortifying their newfound domains as the rightful lords and delve into the scheming, convoluted maze of imperial politics.

Marauders of the Lost Lands (1 of 6): You’ve answered the emperor’s call and have embarked in reclaiming and resettling the lands of the Kolmene Prefecture. Explore forgotten delves and ruined keeps to clear out roving bandits, monsters, and corrupt nobles ravaging the countryside. Also includes a gazetteer of the northeastern prefectures of Taldor and revamped domain rules for establishing your realms.

The Tarnished Scepter (2 of 6): Defend your newly won lands and the growing settlements within it to earn even greater accolades from the emperor. Make alliances with various noble houses as you battle jealous rivals, fight border skirmishes, train military units and enforce your right to rule. Included is a detailed description of the noble houses of the region, complete with coat of arms, their various alliances, resources, and other information.

Roar of the Unbearded (3 of 6): Brought down by the machinations of his rivals, Grand Prince Stavian has died, leaving no appointed heir and throwing the Empire into chaos as various houses maneuver to lay claim to the Primogen Crown. War is afoot, as competing houses, prefect governors, and various factions engage in the devastation of rival settlements and lands to achieve dominance in the empire. The carnage devolves into riots in cities and the countryside. Will you be able to maneuver through the complex internecine battles on the field and in the Imperial court? Included will be a treatise on the laws of succession and the numerous titles of the Taldan Empire.

The Sunsworn Conspiracy (4 of 6): The battles rage on as the chaos in the empire shows no signs of abetting as various royal factions solidify their positions. A new threat arises, as hidden forces advocate for revolution in the western parts of the empire and unknown conspirators attempt to incite Qadira into entering Taldan affairs. Will the strength of your domain, your allies, and personal skill be enough to avoid certain disaster for the empire? Included is a gazetteer of Zimar and its environs.

The Culling of Many Crowns (5 of 6): Emboldened by your success in defending the empire from enemies both foreign and domestic you and your allies hope to bring peace and stability before it’s too late. While engaged in diplomacy you realize that when all else fails, peace must sometimes come from the sharp edge of a blade. This volume will include the detailed histories of the Royal Houses of Taldor, their exploits and notable members.

The Lion Ascendant (6 of 6): The struggle for the Primogen Crown continues with the last of the warring factions, however an end is in sight. The ascension to the throne will not be won easily or without a last ditch attempt by your foes in their quest for victory. A victory that may shatter the very foundations of Taldan Society. Included in the book will be a section on the changes to Taldor after the war of succession and the possible story threads that can be continued.

That looks interesting, but are you sure that this is the correct forum?
You're in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Homebrew forum right now, and it looks like you want to design some AP for the pen and paper version.
Otherwise, I'd be interested in the cards you'd like to use in order to build this AP.

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I moved it to another forum here. But I did flag the original post.

If we could create a joint venture with a card deck that would be awesome as most would be based on rulership and chivalry themes.

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