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When you purchase a PFSACG Season deck from DriveThru, which card organization would you prefer:

By Adventure: All of the cards are organized by adventure, then by card type, so all of the villains from adventure 1 will be together, followed by all of the henchmen from adventure 1, and so on. (This will be more convenient if you're going to add these cards to your box 1 adventure at a time.)

By Scenario: All of the cards are organized by scenario, then by card type, so you'd get the villain from a scenario followed by the henchmen from that scenario, followed by the villain from the next scenario, followed by the henchmen from that scenario, and so on. (This will be more convenient if you're going to add these cards to your box 1 scenario at a time.) The Season of the Shackles deck is organized by scenario.

Answers provided in the next day or two may have a chance to affect how we do this from now on.

Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka MorkXII

By Adventure.

That way, when setting up a scenario, I only have to look for the required card types in one place: in their respective slots in the box.

Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

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I think I'd prefer by scenario. I keep my OP cards together as a group, not putting them in with cards by type (I use a spot in the Broken Token organizer just for them). That way when I go to play a scenario I can find the particular cards i need, which are all conveniently together. I then put them back in the "OP slot" and grab the next set for the next scenario.

Sovereign Court 4/5

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Adventure, (I also use a spot in a Broken Token organizer for the one's I've printed on card stock). Then I have all of adventure one together to pull out some of the old one's reused cards in the same adventure, so it's one half dozen another if its by scenario vs. adventure, but adventure I'm at least knowing they are roughly there.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Idaho—Boise aka Alifera

By Adventure.

Of the options given, I'd say by Scenario. However, I'd prefer by Card Type, then Alphabetical.

Looking at Season of the Shackles, I'd put the Villains, Henchmen, and Locations (the majority of the added cards) in the appropriate parts of my box with the base set cards and ignore them until needed. Those I sort by name, not Adventure Deck, and since they're not used in normal play it doesn't matter that they're mixed in with the others.

That leaves Ships and the reward Loot card(s); those might get a slot or might be put into their respective areas. These cards are easy to tell apart from their counterparts; the Ships can only be encountered and have no Class rankings, while the Loot is (multiple copies of) a single card and has the PFSACG logo instead of the S&S or SotS logos.

I don't know how many regular Monsters, Barriers, and (non-Loot) Boons you've added in the other Seasons, but those are the few that I'd sort by Adventure Deck (and possibly keep out of the regular set, depending on card count and usage in the Scenarios).

In the end it only takes a few minutes once to sort the cards to your liking so it doesn't matter all that much, but you asked. :)

Either would be fine with me but maybe towards scenario as I usually drop my proxy cards into the sheet protector that has the scenario in it, so each card is stored with the scenario it belongs to. It does require some digging at times when something is reused, but for the most part it helps keep things organized and contained. Especially when dealing with new locations like in Season of the Gobs.

Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

Hmmm.... yeah, I guess it depends on how much they are reused. I forgot that became more common in Season of the Righteous. So, maybe adventure would be better. But, as was said, I can always reorganize them how I want anyway.

Silver Crusade 5/5

I agree with Parody. I'd actually prefer by card type and alphabetical, because I just mix my cards in with the regular cards in my box.

But I can reorder and alphabetize them myself, so it's not a huge deal either way.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco Bay Area South & West aka JohnF

Add one more vote for 'Adventure'

(and another user of the broken token organiser)

Grand Lodge 4/5

Pathfinder Card Game, Companion, Pawns Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

By Adventure seems good to me.

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

I would have to go with by Adventure. When I print the proxy cards from the PDF, I separate them from the rest of the box and by Adventure sorting would be easiest

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, California—San Diego aka RAdeMorris

I'd say by Scenario.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32

I leave them all in their own stack, but given that we could play scenarios out of order and some cards are reused, I vote for by Adventure. Otherwise if you play scenario D before scenario A you might not have added the needed cards in yet.

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I would also prefer them by adventure. Currently you get all needed cards on the last page(s) of the adventure pdf, so I think it makes sense to continue organizing the cards in the same way.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

By adventure

Shadow Lodge 5/5

I'd prefer by adventure as well for many of the reasons listed already.

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Venture-Captain, Missouri—St. Louis aka Joshua N Hancock


Grand Lodge Venture-Lieutenant, Pennsylvania—Lancaster aka Theryon Stormrune

Adventure. Some cards from the same adventure are used in different scenarios. And I keep cards together by Adventure in the box.

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Actually I don't care. We will anyway be SO happy when those cards are available.

Liberty's Edge Venture-Agent, Philippines—Makati City aka yamasaki

By adventure please!

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

We'll go with "By adventure." Thanks!

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