Wider choice of Ranger Animal Companions?


So I'm a pretty new player. This is my first time making a Ranger in pathfinder (I have one in 5e without an animal companion) and was really excited to see the long list of companions, only to realize afterward that ranger options are severely limited. I've become really taken by the megaloceros (as much because of flavour as by actual usefulness, there are definitely better choices) but none of the archetypes I've looked at seem to allow it without sacrificing archery.

From what I've picked up, Horse Lord allows any mount, but demands the mounted combat type. Beast Master also allows it, but at that point I might as well have a druid.

Preferably, I'd like to keep the Archery Combat Style, with megaloceros as a half-decent combat animal with the ability to mount when desired. Is there any way I can have both or do I have to compromise?

Strictly speaking you need to compromise. That said feats like Beast Rider or Monstrous Mount do suggest that a feat tax isn't out of line, if your GM's willing to work with you at all.

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You could go for an Archer based Hunter. They get Precise Shot as a bonus feat at 2nd level. Also, look at the Hunter pre-generated character that is a good example of an Archer based Hunter. Also, Hunters get the animal companion at 1st level.

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