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Hi all,

We are going to be starting a reign of winter campaign. Rules are that builds must be PFS legal (even though the campaign will not be played in PFS.) So we will start with level 1 characters.

I also think there might just be 3 of us, rather than the traditional 4. So we should probably be relatively optimized because we will lack the 4th person.

My understanding is that we will have me, a melee focused druid with a tiger (Hi Theconiel!--You are welcome to chime in on this thread!) and a third person with an unknown build. The third person tends to play barbarians, monks, etc., so I expect some sort of melee-ish non-spellcasting build from them.

I volunteered that I would at least have the "party face" role covered, so I should do that.

My tentative build so far is:

Name: Paine

CN alignment

Human Psychic

Pain Discipline

Human dual talent alternate racial trait
CON 14
INT 20
CHA 18

Harrow Deck: +2 CL divination
Irrepressible: CHA to will vs charm+compulsion

Phrenic Amplifications:
1. Will of the dead
3. Undercast Surge
7. Relentless Casting
11. Mimic metamagic Intuitive Spell and Quicken Spell
15. Subordinate spell
19. Dual amplification

1. Fortune Teller (with Harrow Deck as focus)
3. Intensified Spell
5. Spell Focus: Divination
7. Spell Specialization (Mind Thrust--Change at appropriate even levels as upgrade version of mind thrust)
9. Greater Spell Focus: Divination
11. Empower Spell
13. Maximize Spell
15. Spell Perfection (Mind Thrust VI)
17. Bloatmage Initiate: Divination
19. Diviner's Delving

Spellcraft, Use Magic Device, Diplomacy, Perception, alternate various knowledge skills

Spells from discipline:
Persuasive goad (1st), pain strike (4th), vampiric touch (6th), mass pain strike (8th),

synapse overload (10th), mass inflict pain (12th), waves of exhaustion (14th), horrid

wilting (16th), mass suffocation (18th).

0: Light, Detect Magic, Stabilize, Resistance
1: Mind Thrust (always choose and use even level forget ability to forget old versions),

Endure Elements, Magic Missile
2: Mirror Image, See invisibility
3: Gaseous form (Stay in this 24/7 when adventuring!), Blink, Fly, Dispel Magic,

Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Tongues
4: Overland Flight, Divination, Arcane Eye, Scrying
5: Contact Other Plane, True seeing
6: Greater Dispel Magic, Legend Lore
7: Greater Arcane Sight, Greater Scrying, Vision, Mind Blank
8: Mind Blank (Communal), Discern Location
9: Foresight, Greater Communal Spell Immunity, Time Stop, Wish

Good psychic spells that can be undercast--Choose at some level:
Intellect fortress (help saves!)
Mental Barrier
Tower of Iron will

Items to pick up sometime:
Headband of Vast Int
Belt of Con
Pink and Green Sphere (Ioun Stone) -- +CHA w/o needing headband mental prowess/superiority
Incandescent Blue sphere +2 wis Ioun Stone -- ditto, avoid expensive headband
Ring of Inner Fortitude
Guardian weapon (put on armor spikes or something--help saves!)
Cracked Pale Green Prism Ioun Stone
Stone of Good Luck

Mind thrust a lot. Use magic missile if you can't mind thrust. Once you get 6th level, stay in gaseous form all of the time.

WHAT I WANT FROM YOU, DEAR READERS!!! <---Feel free to skip to here if TLDR!
I know I can't choose ALL of the spells I listed above, and there are doubtless some I forgot. Please help me with the spell selection. I definitely want mind thrust, magic missile, gaseous form, and endure elements (remember--reign of winter--although hopefully the druid will take it too so that I don't have to waste all of my slots on it). Everything else is uncertain. Keep in mind that the character will have great DCs with divination spells and very high caster level with divination, so divination spells are good. Other good spells would be non-divination spells that don't have a save and/or don't use spell resistance.


Errata: If it is following PFS rules, it has to take developer commentary into account. So you can assume that this ruling stands.

Paizo Employee Designer

Just a reminder, my commentary is not a legal rules source for PFS. That said, I tend to agree with my commentary as good ideas, for biased reasons.

As someone currently playing through the Reign of Winter, my suggestions are less involved with the nature of your build and more with an overall direction of your group... without giving any spoilers, of course.


I cannot stress this enough. I am so frustrated by this campaign because usually I'm the guy who takes the archer role, but for a change I decided to take a Bloodrager. I'm very unhappy, because there are simply too many encounters where I'm virtually ineffective because I'm nowhere near as capable with a bow as the other warriors. I'm a melee fighter build, and I'm wishing I wasn't. So, mention this to your friends when they consider their characters, learn from my mistake.

With a fly speed of 10 and no other movement rate you're actually pretty vulnerable in gaseous form in some ways. Also at 2 minutes duration per level you can't stay in it all day.

Telekinesis can be pretty decent at attacking if some musclebound friend is willing to lug around enough weapons for you, it has some utility and it's a level lower than usual for a psychic.

Shadow Enchantment is a versatile spell - you've taken very focused spells mostly. Some spells which can serve multiple purposes might be good.

Also it's often useful to get a few disabling spells (e.g. Oneiric Horror) or battlefield control spells (e.g. Etheric Shards) as well as direct damage.

Fortune Teller lets you replace a material component with a focus that adds 2 CL to divination spells. If there is no material component you can't replace it.

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