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Carrion Crown

Hey in terms of my Carrion Campaign I might have to play as a GM in which it will be my first time doing so. I wanted to make a reoccurring NPC to appear on this campaign.

Name: Charlie Maston
Race: Drow
Class: Slayer
Gender: Male

Charlie is a Drow who lives in the town of Ravengro, he is known as a Mercenary who was sent to investigate Harrowstone due to the constant ghosts coming down to the town. He can either be found injured in a cellar room due to a ghost attack, or the PCs can run into him on a certain floor in the prison (I have not decided yet as I kind of only have been halfway though book 1)

But overall I wish for him to appear throughout the campaign, and to potentially become a boss character from falling into madness over a powerful artifact that turns him into a monstrous and powerful being of sorts, based on the PC's choices.

As I said this is my first time GMing, if there are any suggestions or issues with this be sure to tell me down below as I am very new to this and am very interested in making this my debut campaign as a GM.

I like the idea of a hero that becomes a villain as they decent into madness (Horror Adventure is your friend here) and your overall premise is pretty solid.

I don't like the idea of the Drow as a race. Thematicaly it seems forced to me. Ustalav, in general, is not a very welcoming place if you are not human and a drow would stick out like a sore thumb (especially in a town of 300 people).

What I might suggest to make the race fit a bit better (and fell free to ignore them) and get your final villain would be:

1) Change Charlie into a (female) changeling. She passes as a human easy enough and, as a boss, could have changed into a Hag.

2) Change Charlie into a Shinwalker (Wolf-, Bat-, Boar- or Rat-kin would fit nicely).

3) A bit trickier to hide, but a Dhampir (Svetocher or Ancient-Born) or tiefling (Pitborn or Motherless) could also fit the bill if you want somethnig more exotic.

Silver Crusade

Three things springing to mind immediatly:
1. Doesn't the whole ghost business start only once the PCs have arrived? I mean, you can change this up of course, but that takes aways some of the "Something weird STARTS happening vibe" I got from the adventure.
2. If they send in a merc - why would they send in the PCs after him?
3. A drow. Why on Golarion a drow? Again, you can change your world however you like - but the Golarion drows are evil. Like,super evil. And most people KNOW that - to quote the PRD: "Worshiping demons and enslaving most races they encounter, the drow are among the underworld's most feared and hated denizens." Why would they not bash his head in with a scythe, yet alone ask it for help? That said, there are neutral and even good drow. But they are super rare. And it's your Golarion - if yo want to add helpful drow or make them more common, go for it. I'd go for an evil elf or a tiefling myself.

Okay, four things:
CHARLIE? You introduce an NPC from a near-mythological race of superevil elves who could bekome a boss character and you call im CHARLIE? I get the whole Charlie Mastion <-> Charles Manson thing, but...CHARLIE?

RaveMan wrote:

that turns him into a monstrous and powerful being of sorts, based on the PC's choices.

If your looking for a easy template to add to make a man a monster try the implacable stalker ker-cr-2/

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