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Hi, I'm looking for a purpose for my first character and I thought about a locksmith that wants to craft the strongest locks. Also going for magic seals or I don't know want kind of protective magic that locks a chest or a door.
I believe some kind of rogue/wiz would be a good class for that but can another class be as effective?
What are the feats and spells that would make this build viable?

sounds like a good idea.you would want to have skills in disable device craft (locks) knowledge (arcane) knowledge (engineering) and profession (lock smith) and maybe appraise to the quality of said locks and seals. you don't want to be sold or sell s$@@y locks. of coarse i could be full of it. so a grain of salt and all that. you will want to have a class that can disable locks so a rogue but there are a few other classes that give disable device. i would look at the archetypes. as for a magic based class i would be clueless. maybe a bard (Archaeologist) and from the quick look he has magic and skill points and can disable devices a rogue type of bard. might fill all your need not to sure.

i am still catching up on the magic and feat since i am kinda still new to pathfinder. but under no circumstances try and seduce the lock it never works your just not its type.

"Characters with the trapfinding class feature can disarm magic traps."
Does it includes magic locks?

ask your dm? i am not sure.

are you starting at lvl one?

Yes we start lvl 1.

That's what I got for now:

Human, rogue lvl 1

ability score priority: dex and int

skills priority: appraise, craft: locks, disable devices, perception, knowledge(arcana), knowledge(engineering), spellcraft, stealth

Investing some feats later for those skills: Amateur Investigator,deft hands, skill focus, Alertness etc... Without forgetting important combat feats like weapon finesse.

Might multiclass wizard at some point to access arcane lock, weapon lock and armor lock. This is where I need help, There is a LOT of spells and I'm not sure if it's worth it.

The locksmith hopes to encounter many locks so he might improve the quality of his own work. I want this character main purpose to be able to unlock anything and craft strong locks. Also, if there is some kind of magic that prevent a door/chest to be open, I want it. Runes, magic seals, mechanisms, puzzles or uncommon keys...

Any help is appreciated, this game is huge, I'm ctrl + f searching for keywords on paizo and there is so much things to read about locks, disable devices, magic, skills...

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lvl 1 wiz/sorc spell hold portal, lvl 1 wiz/sorc spell locksight, 0 lvl wiz/sorc spell mage hand, lvl 2 wiz/sorc spell knock, lvl 2 wiz/sorc spell pilfering hand, lvl 3 wiz/sorc spell revelation, lvl 6 wiz/sorc spell true seeing, lvl 0 wiz/sorc spell detect magic, and open/close, lvl 1 wiz/sorc spell crafter's fortune, lvl 1 wiz/sorc spell detect secret doors, lvl 2 wiz/sorc spell cat's grace, lvl 2 wiz/sorc spell masterwork transformation (for your lock picks if you do not have or cannot afford MW tools)

Just a short little list of spells I could see as a locksmith style rogue/wizard having. Hope this helps

Thank you, that helps a lot.
About the spell knock, what is the difference between knock and just use disable device?

Disable Device can bypass a hold portal or arcane lock spell, but the DC's go up by 5 and 10 respectively (before metamagic fun) and oww forgot that one, there is lvl 2 wiz/sorc spell arcane lock almost missed that one.

Knock just negates those with a +10 to the Disable Device skill check.

Not needed per say, just thematic, and a DC 30-35 lock with arcane lock is now a 40-45 DC, and like I said, certain metamagics can manipulate that bonus for higher DC's. Higher DC locks (40+) also do happen, though I suspect that is group to group.

Much thanks, is there a solved button for the thread? I think, I can handle what's left.

what about also building traps to go along with those locks? no matter how high the lock dc, if a locked door isn't trapped, an adamantine anything ruins your day.

By the way, what is the safest door/chest you encountered in a game?

DC 40 was the hardest I remember in anything I have been around for

One last offering...I happen to co-own Flying Pincushion games, and I wrote a expert archetype called the boxman, specifically, a locksmith/lockbreaker specialist.

Alas, expert lacks even the combat punch of a rogue (for the most part), but if 3pp material is allowed in your game, I can't think of a more appropriate class. Would work very well with wizard as experts like Int.

Here is a link to the book, take a look if you like, quite affordable too :)

If psionics is allowed, the cryptic from Ultimate Psionics (by Dreamscarred Press)is perfect for this exact purpose. They're basically a psionic rogue with cool trap and pattern-related abilities.

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