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Was considering playing a paladin of Damerrich and going into Gray Gardener. Just poking around for advice/ideas. Is there any more information on Damerrich? Aside from his areas of concern, I don't actually have much to go on, but he seems to be a thematic fit at least. Same for the Gray Gardeners, I only know whatever's in the wiki about them.

My idea is to require my paladin to walk this very careful line of dealing with both the Gray Gardeners, whom he is subtly/unsubtly trying to convert into LG from the inside, and a group of Inquisitors of Damerrich who are trying to make sure he doesn't fall into evil/chaos and just generally monitoring him since he's in such an easy place to fall.

Any ideas as to what kinds of interactions with the people of Galt, the Gardeners, or the inquisitors would be like? Build advice is also welcome, though obviously this is much more of an rp/thematic build than an optimized one.

(VMC is on the table, so I was thinking of VMC Inquisitor just to get the most out of Gray Gardener while still getting all the paladin goodness).

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Damerrich is detailed in Chronicle of the Righteous. I... don't really see that quite working out for a few reasons. The short version is that the Gray Gardeners are bad. Even aside from the fact that their executions are indiscriminate (remember, Damerrich is all about 'just' and LAWFUL executions, whereas the Gray Gardeners don't care if you're guilty or innocent), the Gray Gardeners are in the business of trapping souls, which according to James Jacobs is "one step away from the kind of evil that creates undead."

We don't know a whole lot about the Gardeners, but the two sample statblocks we do have (from Inner Sea NPC Codex and Strange Aeons) are both inquisitors of Norgorber. So in order for this to work, the paladin would need to be deep undercover (which isn't very paladin-like unless we're talking a gray paladin) and he needs to get along with very pointedly evil-aligned folks.

It could be interesting, and I might just be biased on account of me not liking Damerrich very much, but I strain to see how it would work. Generally I think Damerrich's cultists view the Gardeners as a scourge. I could see an inquisitor of Damerrich trying to infiltrate and dismantle them, but as far as a paladin goes I... don't really see it.

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They don't have to be. I could easily see a Gray Gardener being good, and trying either subtly or obvious to sway the crowd towards finding targets who truly deserve the mob justice mentality of Galt.

For a Paladin, I can see a lot of conflicts between the Paladin's Lawful nature and the nation's very Chaotic status quo, and I'm not sure that's the best idea to go with here. A Cleric or Inquisitor who is more NG or CG I could see working pretty well against a pretty overwhelming "opponent" who they try to change from within.

For a Paladin, I just see it as far too much chance for falling, but might also depend on the DM.

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