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Using the touch attack instead of using Spellstrike would likely hit with the touch attack, missing is a risk that the magus has with such spells, or any character that casts Shocking Grasp for that matter. To say that taking the attack immediately is the optimal way to use the spell isn't really a part of the issue.

The "loophole" that is in the previous thread does not need fixing, even without this issue. The spell counts as an attack, the spell is used during the ability, the two abilities might not even work in concert.

Look at it like this, you guys. Start the turn. Do some stuff (free actions), declare Full-Round action, finish particular (full attack), do some stuff (free actions), end turn. Insert Swift action as warrented.

The revelation isn't that the rules are broken, it is that the Full Round Action takes the whole round to perform.

Do you want to break it down into segments?

-Start turn-
-free action "hey, guys, we have trouble."
-declare full round action (full Attack/TWF)
-Attacks performed and Full Attack is complete
-Free Action *Drop dagger*
-Free Action *change grip on Longsword*
-Full-Round Action completes.

Nothing in what anyone has said prevents that pacing from happening in any scenario used thus far.

- Start full-round action-
cast metamagic shocking grasp
- End full-round action -

According to your rule that full-round actions take the entirety of your time and effort, when can the above fit in a 'free action' or even a 'swift action quickened shocking grasp', since they are casting for the entirety of their turn?

Your scenario is fine because dropping a dagger and changing grips isn't prohibited by, or interferes with your full attack action.

However, occupying both hands is prohibited by casting, casting another spell is prohibited by casting, so in MY scenario, when can one perform either as a free or swift action?

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