About to GM a game, need some advice. (Long post)


Alright so I'm going to start gming a game in January. The idea for this campaign is that I've got nothing planned yet. But we're all gonna meet (probably six players) up and do a world building session. My plan is to hear out the concepts they have for each of their characters and their back stories. Then we will all collaboratively make a game world based around these six created pcs. After this world building session I will take the reigns and start gming in this game world. Has anyone ever done this? What opinions do people have for this? I'm looking forward to it, should be a fun time. Oh and also, I think I'm gonna bring a big piece of graph paper to help us draw the world map.

And now for the rules. I've got some house rules I want to put into this game also and I'd like to hear some thoughts on them. A couple of them are based on my experience with 5th edition and making it more fluid like that game.

1. Elimination of Full Attacks: When you can do more than one attack in a round, you may move as much as you want before using all of your attacks. In addition, you can attack as many times as you want while moving till you run out of attacks. For example, if your level 14 fighter wants to kill three goblins that are all pretty spread out. You can run 10ft, attack the first one, run 10ft, attack the second one and then run 10ft and attack the last one. When it comes to spring attack, everyone is considered to have this feat when it comes to prerequisites for other feats. But they don't have mobility and dodge, those feats will have to be taken if those benefits are desired.

Reasoning: It's always bugged me that Martials always had to stand still when fighting. And it punishes characters that rely on multiple attacks like dual wielders and monks. Monks especially will benefit from this because their high movement will be combined with their multiple attacks. Also, it's a common thing to see in movies where the hero will charge against the antagonist, taking out mooks in his way. And it's lame that the only way I can think of in which you can do this in pathfinder is via the Greater Bladed Dash spell. <_< On a final note, it will make getting feats like Whirlwind Attack a little easier to get because of the free spring attack prereq.

2. On Power attack and Combat expertise: All characters who have the required strength and intelligence can use these feats. They are also treated as having the feat(s) for prerequisite purposes for other feats.

Reasoning: I've seen this rule proposed a lot on the forums and I generally agree with it. Also I like that it makes getting certain feats a lot faster.

3. Higher Base Attack Bonus for all: All classes with 1/2 bab now have 3/4 bab. In addition, the Rogue, Monk and Ninja classes will have something akin to a 7/8 bab. These three specific classes will be treated as having a full bab progression with the exception of not getting a point in bab at levels 6 and 11. So in the end these three classes will have an 18/13/8 bab at level 20. The Monk will have something similar for his flurry mechanic.

Reasoning: It's always bothered me that Wizards and Sorcerors couldn't really hit much of anything if they tried. And so I'm putting this rule in in case anyone wants to play a Gandalf type of character if they wanted to without much multiclassing. Also I don't think it buffs wizards and sorcerers that much anyways. Their main power comes from spells, this is just being put out there as another reliable option for the player. I'm thinking that increasing the Rogue, Ninja and Monk Bab will give them a nice buff to make them better overall as classes. But not make you turn away from the pure martials.

4: Critical hits and sneak attack work on everything: Nothing is immune to critical hits or sneak attacks.

Reasoning: This is a rule I've always used because I've never liked immunity to critical hits in the first place. It takes a lot of fun out of rolling that sweet 20. Plus, I think it's reasonable for a Rogue to say, sever a zombie's head with his back turned or something like that for other creatures. Although for sneak attack, I'm thinking of making this only work on immune creatures if they're using a weapon that bypasses damage reduction. Not sure if a rapier should ever do sneak attack to a skeleton for example.

5: Crossbows are more powerful: Heavy crossbows do 2d8 damage, light crossbows do 2d6 damage and hand crossbows do 1d8 damage. These rules apply to all other non core crossbows and repeating crossbows. In addition, hand crossbows can be attatched to the wrist ala assassin's creed style.

Reasoning: Crossbows suck compared to other forms of ranged attack. And it's lame because they're pretty brutal in real life. This rule is meant to make them more competitive with other ranged options. And also a couple of my players are big crossbow fans in these games.

For now that's it for rules, but I think I'll think of more. Also I'm banning summoners and arcanists and unchained classes. What do you guys think?

Undead already are not immune to sneak attacks/critical hits/precision damage.

Generally, the creatures that are immune have no specific anatomy to target, like elementals and oozes.

Are rogues/monks/ninjas the only 3/4 classes that get the boost? So both a magus and a wizard have the same BAB? That makes little sense to me. A wizard with a higher BAB is pretty meaningless because a wizard in melee is usually a poor use of stats and skills.

Overall, your changes will significantly boost the power of martials.

In general, you're proposing enough changes to game balance, that it will be hard to predict what the overall effect will be.


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Probably best asked in the Homebrew Forum; this is the Rules Questions Forum. I went ahead and flagged your post for you =).

Nefreet wrote:
Probably best asked in the Homebrew Forum; this is the Rules Questions Forum. I went ahead and flagged your post for you =).

Thanks, will a mod move it or will I have to repost?

Good point on the Magus, I will consider buffing his bab as well as perhaps others. But I do think that he and the bard get a lot of other cool things anyways. They may not need the boost imo. I'll see what the players want too.

Didn't know about the lack of immunity to crits for undead. Still, I feel like a sneak attack on like an ooze should do more damage. You can say, cleave more into an ooze if he's sitting still than moving about.

Check out Dawn of Worlds. It's for building a game world collaboratively to then use for your game.

I'll give that a look too thanks

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I use the move + full attack in all of my games, and I highly recommend it.

I also prefer the crits work on everything approach, because I don't see it as hitting something vital, but just getting a lucky/hard strike.

The BAB adjustment I'm not as sure on, but I'll be curious to hear how it goes. I tend to like that wizards aren't very combat inclined, besides most of their damage options target touch AC.

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It's your world and the ultimate bottom line is that if your 6 players like the changes then that is literally all that matters. It would frustrate me as it fundamentally buffs the power of martial characters (but simultaneously debuffs full bab characters, particularly the fighter and monk's 'unique' status as having the most feats) with rogues getting by far the most love. It wouldn't surprise me if you have 6 people, all wanting to play two weapon fighting rogues...

As for the group world building session.... it sounds interesting... but time consuming. Assuming you have sufficient time and creativity to synthesize a reason for 6 people from what might be "literally" 6 opposite sides of the world (hah! north pole, south pole, underdark, orbit, equatorial western and equatorial eastern jungle) it sounds like it could be a really enjoyable first session.

Good luck.

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The Hand crossbow on arm thing already exists thanks to Ultimate Intrigue. It's the Heavy Wrist Launcher! Super fun item for anyone with proficiency in hand crossbows.

Raising the BAB on full spellcasters is asking for an increasingly gnarly natural attack caster. At low level it might not be that big of a deal, just bear in mind that the dragon shape spells exist. Hell i'd be all over brown fur transmuter in that game.

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