Why Runeforge?

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This has eluded me for years, and I figure it's finally time to ask.

Why is Mokmurian trying to get to Runeforge?

The whole raid on Sandpoint is just so he can find the guy who can tell him how to get in, right? But ultimately it just shows the PCs where they can find weapons to kill his master. What did Mok hope to gain that so disastrously backfired on him?

It's probably in the text somewhere, but I'm being pretty thick about it. You may have to explain it to me like I'm 5.

Some spoiler warnings wouldn't hurt here...


This is my interpretation - I'm too lazy to look up specific references to justify.

Mokmurian does not want to go to Runeforge, he's pursuing Xaliasa (aka The Scribbler) at Karzoug's direction. Mokmurian sends Teraktinus and his raiding party to gather stones from Sandpoint (as have been gathered from other sites) so he can find the last resting place or current location of Xaliasa. Having found it, Mokmurian is to take his army and pulverize it to remove any chance of Xaliasa sharing what he knows.

Very few, outside the Runelords themselves and the Runeforge occupants knew/know how to get to Runeforge. Karzoug knows Xaliasa was one such person and he wants to make sure no written notes or resurrections or other hints remain that would lead to Runeforge. Because there, Karzoug knows, weapons of great power designed specifically to thwart him may be made.

Technically, I suppose the raid on Sandpoint leads the pc's to Jorgenfist and, inevitably, to Mokmurian's demise. However, even without the raid, Mokmurian was likely to be confronted as he pursued his invasion of lower Varisia. And it's Mokmurian's death (along with other branded stone giants) that pushes Karzoug over another threshold in his return. It's this event that triggers a surge in the "network" of runewells and causes the sinkhole that leads to the Scribbler to open in Sandpoint. From a certain point of view, Karzoug's own restoration process leads to his undoing. (Having Dominant weapons is a serious advantage to the pc's - they essentially nerf his primary school of magic, at least offensively.)

I understood that Karzoug wanted Mokmurian to get into runeforge. It was supposed to be a neutral ground for the combined magical repository of all of the runelords - without any other active runelords to take umbrage he feels quite safe in breaking the truce and ransacking it. He doesn't know about the infighting and lack of any meaningful progress for one reason and another. The weapons are, more or less, an incidental byproduct of the forge itself.

Thanks for raising the questions and the answers as I am sloooowly getting to prep that for my group.


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From what I asked from James Jacob's ask thread, its what Latrecis said. Karzoug already knows where Runeforge is so Mokmurian doesn't need to find out the location for himself since his boss can just tell it, its more about just "to be sure" that ends up biting them in ass by bringing attention to it.

Karzoug himself wants to destroy the Runeforge once he is freed.

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