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I am playing a half-elf synthesist unchained summoner with an azata eidolon. I am planning on taking the large evolution at 8th lvl and the upgrade to huge at 13th lvl. I am mainly planing to be my parities' meat shield through the AP we are playing, Giant Slayer, name says it all. I know there will be alot of room because we are fighting giant creatures, but I know at times am not going to be able use my huge hulking fused eidolon form and want to rely on my summon monster sla instead. I recently came across the feat summon guardian spirit and since I am a summoner I meet the prerequisites to take it. I wondering if it was worth it or not compared to the other summon creatures i can get thorough the normal summon monster spell. I can choose any fey or outsider that qualifies to become a familiar through the improved familiar feat. Are there any other restrictions to this that I am forgetting if I choose this feat.

I'm having problems finding details of this feat.

Is it in the psrd? Any idea if it's pfs legal?

Hobit of Bree wrote:

I'm having problems finding details of this feat.

Is it in the psrd? Any idea if it's pfs legal?

Its in the Monster Summoner's Handbook pgs26-27

On Archives of Nethys here. The details of the guardian spirits abilities are here below the imp's abilities.

As a summoner you get the 1 min/level bit for free on your summoned creatures even without this feat. The guardian spirit's melee abilities aren't impressive even with smite threat and the extra HD/ability bonuses. The guardian spirit's SLAs are the interesting bit.

At first they're a level behind what you can cast and often not the greatest at that level, but they're also mostly not on your spell list and of course aside from the initial summoning they don't take your actions. Since your summon SLA advances faster than your spellcasting you'll eventually get spells of a higher level than you can cast directly. Yes, it's worth it, at least if you don't have other special plans for your feats.

While you're not actually required to select a kind of improved familiar that would approve of your alignment I'd suggest doing that to avoid GM nastiness.

According to AoN it's not PFS legal.

Only a Tidepool Dragon (it casts based on its HD and this template gives extra HD) seems worth it.

It seems to contradict itself somewhat. In the summon guardian feat it says you can select one creature that qualifies to be an improved familiar, and apply the guardian spirit template (see below) to it. That creature is added to either your summon monster III or summon nature’s ally III list as a summonable creature.

But in the creating a guardian spirit section it says "guardian spirit" is an acquired template that can be added to any fey or outsider that qualifies to become a familiar through the Improved Familiar feat (this template does not make it a familiar, however). A guardian spirit uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A guardian spirit has a rune on its forehead similar to that on an eidolon (though its ward does not gain a matching rune).

This seems to conflict with what the feat that states by saying any creature that qualifies for the improved familiar feat(not just fey or outsider types) can become a guardian spirit.

And what about the Guardian Spirit, Guardian Spirit Imp, can that be used as an option for the feat, because it stats and powers seem way better than any creature form the improved familiar list.

Does Pathfinder have any "Specific trumps general" equivalent? That would solve the template issue.

Mortals can generally invoke
a guardian spirit only with summoning and calling spells.

For every spell level of the
conjuration spell used to call or summon it (such as planar
ally, planar binding, or summon monster if the summoner has
the Summon Guardian Spirit feat), the guardian spirit
gains access to one additional spell-like ability of the ward’s
choice from the following list:

does guardian spirit working with planar binding spells

if room is the problem, you can use reduce person on yourself even in eidolon 'suit'. as you still have the share spells ability. (FAQ here)

kuzanpaku wrote:

does guardian spirit working with planar binding spells

You'd have to know the name of such a guardian spirit (since they aren't standard imps or whatever) but if you do there's no obvious reason it couldn't be called by a spell in the planar binding line.

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