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So for starters, to clarify: I have understood 5-Foot Step as a form of movement, not a move-action. So you can perform a 5-Foot Step and perform something that requires a move-action, as long as you don't move to another square. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Now onto the question: Does Expeditious armor grant you a 15-Foot Step?

The exact wording is:
"Three times per day as a swift action, the wearer of expeditious armor can summon a burst of speed and gain a +10-foot enhancement bonus on all modes of movement for 1 round. This ability can be applied to any kind of armor, but not shields."

If it grants this 10 extra Feet to all movement, does it then also add 10 Feet to the 5-Foot Step, effectively granting the user a 15-Foot Step?

No, that 5' step is not a form of movement.

It doesn't grant 10 extra feet on all movement; it grants 10 extra feet to all modes of movement. So your swim speed, ground speed, etc.

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I agree with Alderic's meaning.
However, I'd explain that your 5' step is not a "mode" of movement. Your 5' step is the same regardless of how fast your land movement mode is.

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Also you could 5 ft step while climbing with a climb speed, swimming with a swim speed, flying with a fly speed and a fly check, burrowing with a burrow speed, and walk with a base speed.

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