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so as the title says i need help my buddy is going to run a horror campaign and I got the idea to run a caster that uses all the "gross" spell like vomit twin wall of vermin ECT. well I am running into trouble of which class has the most selection for my time. he suggested alchemist but I don't know if that is the best route please help me out. you guys are usually pretty good when it comes to advice.

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there are several dominion for divine casters based in disease, pestilence, vermin, etc..

But I do like the alchemist concept. You can select an archetype focused in bugs, disease and poison. One vivisectionist, plague bringer ratfolk can be very fun if your character vomit a ratfolk twin and use their swarming racial trait to flank their opponents.

And dont forget to add templates! "Worm that walks" is very nasty...

The alchemist has all kind of disgusting stuff with all the mutagens, the familiar tumor and all that nasty things. It's probably what you are looking for. A Hyde approach to the class could be pretty effective, flavorful and fun to play.
If you want to consider other options you might want to take a look to the witch too. Not so nasty but has a lot of pretty disturbing stuff too.

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hey guys thanks for your advice and after reading up on alchemists I think a vanilla one is best so that I can use the bombs and add to the gross factor they have a lot of gross stuff there

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