First campaign, question about Pack Hunter (Pack Bond specifically)

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Hey folks,

I'm about 10 sessions into my first campaign ever and I am about to reach level 4 and pick up Pack Bond on my Pack Hunter Ranger. My question is, it says a second pack wolf joins the pack, is it combat trained and does it have Toughness? I know at level 1 it says "The pack wolf is always considered combat trained and begins play with Toughness as a bonus feat", but I wasn't sure if that applied to only the first wolf, or all wolves from the start. To me it seems it should already be trained, but I was hoping for clarification since I'm not sure my DM agrees.

I also wonder in the event of a wolf dying/being released, does that also apply to wolves I gain from doing the ritual.

Thank you!

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I'm sorry, but I think you're on the wrong forum. That's apart of the PF Core Rules (at least from my understanding) and this is the Beginner Box Forum. Not to be rude or anything. Correct me if it's in the Beginner Box.

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