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Curse of the Crimson Throne

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I recently picked up the hardback of Curse of the Crimson Throne and am hoping to run it, but I can't with Lamm's Lamb as written. Two of my players suffered from child abuse, and using abused children as a plot device is something I can't do. Is there a good alternate way to start off this campaign that doesn't involve such? Do I need to be worried about encountering this again later?

The easiest thing would probably be to let the characters be agents of the Guard right from the start, maybe as sort of undercover police or whatever depending on the composition of the group. You can still use the Lamm encounters. Just change the kids to beggars or immigrants or halflings imported from Cheliax. Play up Lamm as a drug dealer or manufacturer, ditch the Lambs part.

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Could you change his target to something else? Like he's a drug pusher whom victimizes junkies instead of kids? He gives them a fix if they do him a favor.

He could also be a Chelexian slaver and have halfling slaves instead of children.

If those two hit too close to home, you could make Lamm some kind of infernal contractor with a crazy book of contracts that binds those whom sign to his will.

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As written, the only thing of ANY importance to the plot is the finding of the Queen's broach. Nothing else is of any consequence to the plot of the AP.

In the Anniv Edition, there is a potential tie in with Gaedren's son, now known as Rolth Lamm in the Deadwarrens and later Seven Days to the Grave. Even that is a late addition to the AP the original never featured, where Rolth was an unrelated necromancer, a failed student from the Acadamae.

Nothing turns much on their relationship.

If the only tie-in to the plot is through a placed treasure, there are literally about 1,000+ 1st level adventures you could substitute for Gaedron Lamm. (And 900+ of them would probably be equal or better than Lamm's lambs.)

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