Wishcrafter Sorcerer?


A while back I saw the wishcrafter sorcerer. immediately I got all sorts of cool ideas until I read the class and realized I had no idea how it worked. it's too vague for me to understand. Anyone mind explaining how it functions?

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It's pretty simple actually.

Wishbound arcana:
If a creature wishes for something in hearing distance and an understandable language, the wishcrafter can use that wish (the uttering of the words by that creature) as a verbal component for any spell that would grant this wish. This gives the spell averbal component, even if it didn't have one.
While using this ability, the Wishcrafter gains +1 cl.
They can (like the original efreeti) not grant wishes to themselves and therefore can not use this ability to cast a targeted spell on themselves. They may however include themselves in the spell radius. (so a Symbol of mirroring would be allowed, but a communal water walk wouldn't)
This can only be used once per wishing creature and 24 hours.

Expanded wishcraft:
The wishcrafter gets an additional spell known, but can only use it in conjunction with wishbound arcana, including all of it's limitations.

Hearts desire:
force a creature to make a wish for something they truly desire, so the wishcrafter can activate wishbound arcana.

twisted wish:
[This one is kind of confusing, i must admit] The way I understand it is, that the wishcrafter may purposefully misunderstand a wish to damage rather than aid the target in the same way a GM might, if you get to greedy with a normal wish. If they succed at this, the spell is harder to resist and to dispel.
This is kind of hard to use, I'd say. Might work in conjunction with hearts desire and a really creative player.

Perfect wishcraft:
once per day, the wishcrafter may cast any spell from the wizadr spell list, as long as somebody wished for it, as described under wishbound arcana and with the same limitations and benefits.

Hope this helps and thank you for giving me an interesting Idea for an NSC.

It seems really convoluted and better as an NPC type class than a PC class.

Liberty's Edge

Basically, people around you can wish for things and you get to cast a spell at +1 caster level. Also, you can eventually force enemies to wish for things and the DC against them will increase (if they fail the save against the wish.)

I actually have a really fun build planned out with wishcrafter that I am levelling. The main thing to realize, however, is that it is something of a gimp class. If you just want +1 CL to a large class of spells, choose tattood sorcerer archetype and you won't have to bother with wishes.

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