Any wacky oread builds out there?


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Hi all,

I am trying to brainstorm builds for each of undine, sylph, oread, ifrit. They should be PFS legal. I have come up with things for the others, but am still struggling with oread.

One thing that bothers me about oreads is that they are so freaking slow. And their stat combination tends to push them toward wearing heavy armor, which makes them go at an absolute crawl.

So if anyone has some fun ideas for unconventional fast moving oread builds, please chime away. Try to make it a little more than just, "Take barbarian and/or monk for fast movement and go oread."

Wand longstrider

Build what you want

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It's a trope about rock people you have to live with to a degree. As a PFS legal answer to your question not involving Monks etc. you have mounts and flying, and neither of which seem to be infused with the stone.

Actually, when I read your title, I was hoping you would go the other way. I wanted to see good Oread Living Monolith builds for instance. It has always struck me as an oversight that the Paladin archetype Stonelord is only for Dwarves and not Oreads.

In any case, those ideas encourage you to stand still, if anything.

The only thematic thing I can think of is Earth Kineticist, not because you go fast but because you have movement options which are often better than going in a line quickly. If movement speed is useful because it allows positioning in battle, Climbing and Earth Glide are very valid tools for such positioning.

Travel domain cleric oread can be a lot of fun. Longstrider on the spell list, eventual flight. Lots of fun things to do with that build. An oread cleric of Desna would be a truly strange concept indeed. Maybe an oread fluffed to be composed of some sort of space rock.

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Make a Pack Mule. Make give yourself an appropriate looking head. Take profession: courier for your day job. There might be some alternative racial traits that would help.

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Oread, cave druid, cave domain, 1-4 levels of barbarian (shaping focus required if more than 1), vital strike (improved if you qualify), furious finish.

Turn into a carnivorous crystal.
Cast Strong Jaw on your slam.
Vital Strike + Furious Finish for 192+str damage as a standard action.

Str & Wis bonuses sound good for a hunter. Get a ridable (if long-suffering) animal companion with a good strength of its own, and prepare to hit your enemies like a ton of rocks coming down.

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I played an Oread Zen Archer that was very effective. Beyond the fact he did not need to move around so much as an archer, he also ended up getting speed boosts from class, so that offsets your concern.

I also played him as a loner from the mountains who grew to have extremely strong bonds to his few friends/allies, which I think plays to racial characteristics. I think being an archer goes against type a bit though, so I liked that.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Some great ideas!

I particularly like the pack mule, cave druid, and zen archer ideas.

I had a player that made an Oread Monk of the Sacred Mountain/Master of Many Styles. Not sure if either of those are PFS legal but his character was quite powerful. Didn't say much, mostly nods, faces or other gestures unless he had some wisdom to share with the group. Snake Style made him very tough to hit, his Sense Motive was huge.

@0o0o0 O 0o0o0 If an Oread has the Mostly Human race trait it could qualify for the Racial Heritage feat... allowing you to select Dwarf to be an Oread Stone Lord. The Dwarf Blooded feat would also give you the Slow and Steady and Stonecunning traits.

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I know this is a dated post but I've been working on an oread build for pfs recently myself. Oread goliath druid. At 3rd level he's wearing stoneplate, carrying large stone clubs (and one large club in case gms aren't forgiving). Casts shillelagh and enlarge to stroll in with a decent attack. Armor proficiency (heavy) and Dwarf blooded feats let him wear the armor and not be slowed. wand of longstrider bumps him back up to 30 speed. add in a velociraptor animal companion that he can enlarge and loads of earth based spells and he's a whole lot of fun. don't forget mostly human so he can be enlarge person'd.

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With the Shifter class out, the Elementalist Shifter archetype is definitely flavorful for an Oread, and their racial stats work out well for it.

If you want to go fast, try an Oozemorph Shifter that grows hooves via Morphic Weapons and slaps on Horseshoes of Speed.

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