Witch Doubts - Hex, familiar and Blood Money spell

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Hi there.

I have some questions and I would like you to help me ^^

1- If a witch's familiar dies, she loses all spells stored in her familiar, but, she can still use her hexes? And other abilities from archtypes?

2- Using "Spell Hex" feat and selecting "Blood Money" as Hex, she can still use that spell as "swift action"? And three times per day?

re: 2) Blood Money is no longer PFS legal, so the question is moot.

1 - Correct.

2 - Semi correct. Unless otherwise noted, using a hex is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. 3/Day is still correct.

This is going to be a little less sexy for Blood Money.

hahaha indeed...

I am happy to know that I can take the doubts here, Thank you very much!


We're a friendly crowd :P

So yeah there is also the issue of PFS legality, but that aside, the mechanics of that combination are still less than ideal.

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