Grappling - are both my hands 'fully' occupied?

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If I am grappling with an opponent, are both my hands considered fully occupied?


Seperate question (but related),

If I am grappling an opponent (or pinning), would I be able to use Maneuver Master rchetypes/maneuver-master to perform other maneuvers, such as Steal?

I do have the Chokehold feat

At BAB +11, I would have a full attack of 4 maneuvers.

Attack #1: Attempt Grapple.
Attack #2: Attempt to establish chokehold
Attack #3: Attempt Steal
Attack #4: Attempt Steal

If you are leaving one arm free you take a -4 to the grapple manuever.

You still gain the grappled condition.
For most purposes there is little point in taking such a penalty but in this case you may have a good reason. :-)

I don't know enough on Steal and Choke holds to answer your other questions

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The penalties would be awful, and as I read it, you can only do 3 max, at lvl 15

You replace you BAB of 11/6/1 with your monk lvl, 15

-2 for flurry of blows
-2 grappled condition
-4 one handed
-7 attempting 3 maneuvers under flurry of maneuvers
-5 for Chokehold

Full Round Action
action 1 - Grapple at d20+0
action 2 - Chokehold at d20-5
action 3 - Steal at d20+0

you do not get a 4th action, assuming you are 15th level. You dont have flurry of blows so you dont get an extra attack - you gave up flurry of blows to get flurry of maneuvers, which is very specific about 3 total maneuvers at 15th lvl

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Wow i pooched that. Missed word Additional, so yes 4th, and the penalties are not on all attacks but get worse. Let me try again.

-2 flurry of maneuvers
-2 grappled
-4 one handed

1st and 2nd maneuvers no penalty
3rd is -3
4th is -7

lvl of 15 replaces BAB

Full Round Action
- Grapple at d20+7
- chokehold at d20+2 (chokehold is -5)
- Steal at d20+4
- Steal at d20+0

Both your hands aren't necessarily engaged in the grapple but it's important to note that maintaining a grapple (or making a grapple) is a standard action which limits what you can do. Basically you can perform the manoeuvres listed under grapple; move, damage, pin or tie up.

If you have the greater grapple feat you can maintain your grapple as a move action which allows for more options.

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