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Hey All, has the #111 Strange Aeons AP shipped yet? I got a notice on Oct 28th but haven't got the book yet. It is also in my downloads section.


I'm not a paizo employee, but as it's the weekend I'll have a go at it.

It gets put in yours downloads section when it is boxed up and a shipping label is put on it. Not sure where you live or what shipping method you chose, but if you got the download on the 28th, then it shipped on Halloween. That would mean you are on business day 14(remember, for shipping estimates you don't count Saturdays Sundays, and might not count Vetrans day), and still within many of the shipping estimates.

Yeah, I haven't gotten mine either, and am slightly concerned. I've received the last two books in fairly quick order. I'll hold off until the end of the coming week before I try getting ahold of customer support, but two+ weeks seems like a lot for shipping within the US.

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Yeah I just checked & it says it got shipped Nov 1st. It never took this long before. 21 days is a long time. It gets here when it gets here I just wanna know that I am not being forgotten.

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I actually JUST called CS on Friday and spoke to Diego. He told me that the "Shipping Date" listed on the order is the date the label was printed, and with the high volume of subscriptions, plus sales and stuff, orders get delayed coming out of the warehouse.

My subscription had the label printed on the 1st, physically shipped on Wed, and I just got it a few minutes ago :) It seems like there's nothing to worry about. Check the other threads as well, Everybody's having this issue this month.

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Cool. Thanks. I didn't mean to sound rude or anything. Paizo is a great company & I didn't think anything sinister was going on I just wanted to know. Thanks.

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Hi BeefSupreme,

Sorry for the delay this month! It looks like your order is en route, so hopefully it won't take too much longer to finish making its way to you.


Sharaya, would you mind taking a look at my order as well?

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Hi Alec,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Taking a look into your order, it seems that it had the same issue as the rest. While the labels were printed on the 1st, the tracking just started to update on the 17th, so it's still in transit.

You should have the tracking link in your confirmation email, but there can be delays in when the scans show up. The last update I can see is that it was en route to USPS for induction, and sometimes there can be a delay at that step as well. However, we almost always see the shipments arrive a few days later, so it shouldn't be too much longer now. If it doesn't arrive or if the tracking link indicates that the shipment is being rerouted back to us, just let me know and we can see how to help from there.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else.


Thanks for the info! Living in an apartment complex, one sometimes worries about packages going missing.

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Got it today. Thanks for all the help. Happy holidays

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