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I've wanted to get into the pathfinder society for awhile and there are no games near me. So I wanted to try out the online version. If anyone could explain to me how to get into contact with people that run them online that would be very helpful.

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Jesse Davis wrote:


Welcome to Pathfinder Society Online Play.

Did you have a specific format you were looking to try?

Play-by-Post (PbP), or real-time Virtual Table-Top (VTT)?

(And if VTT, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, d20Pro, Maptools, et cetera?)

This specific group is for Online Pathfinder Society Organized Play (PFS), but I'll be happy to help you find a group suitable for whatever type of play you are looking for.

If you are looking for organized play for PFS PbP, take a look at the Paizo Flaxseed Lodge, and they will be happy to help you get started:

http://paizo.com/campaigns/TheFlaxseedLodgeCoreCampaign/discussion&page =last

As would the MythWeaver Guys:


If you are looking for PFS Org Play VTT, start by joining our PFS Online chat here:


and join the Pathfinder Society Online Collective, and you'll find plenty of games to get you started:

https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e

Stolen from Jesse, as it's quicker and easier than answering myself.

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Thank you very much, I would prefer the VTT as its called, PBP I've done before and seems like i always get busy and forget to make my post especially if people make multiple posts when alot of them are one post weekly.

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