3PP Full Campaigns for 5e?

5th Edition (And Beyond)

What full campaigns (levels 1-15+, or 10-20, or anything like that) have been put on the market for 5e?

Anyone have any recommendations?

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Have you checked out Tyranny of Dragons?

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So far there have been few campaigns, but there are a few that might qualify. Pyromaniac Press is putting out a full on AP, though I am not sure of the level range, as the second half is in development. (Full disclosure, I am working on the 5e conversions for that company)

Try the free Player's Guide HERE

Outside of that, I know that some other people are putting out some excellent sequential adventures, like THIS

However, you might search this forum in particular for advice on converting Pathfinder APs. It is apparently exceedingly easy. I'm hoping to try my hand at Crimson Throne at some point in the near future.

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I have never played it, but "The Chaos in Melvaunt" is supposed to be a really good trio of adventures. There's also a huge sale on "Complete Adventures of M.T. Black" which is like 14 adventures for $8.

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Also, did I hear that EN World is going to convert one of their APs into 5e? Zeitgeist I believe it was?

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