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So, looking through the threads, I see plenty of places where people mention how "such and such a build is extremely powerful, and needs to be nerfed," but I haven't actually seen any threads where the reverse is true. So, how about a thread that lets you unleash your inner munchkin, ravaging RAI and staying strictly RAW. Put Milo Amastacia-Liadon to shame with your extreme munchkining!
If your munchkin is invalidated from an FAQ, you can still post it, but be sure to note that it has been invalidated, and can't be used.
Also, let's keep things simple. Paizo products only, 100% RAW. If it flies in a strict reading of the rules, it flies here. If it should work, but no sane GM would ever let it within a mile of their table? It goes here.

How about an example of what we're looking for?

By RAI, you would use the spell Alter Summoned Monster (from the Monster Summoner's handbook) to get a creature from your Summon Nature's Ally casting to turn into something from Summon Monster.

Per normal munchkining, you would summon a lot of monsters with, say Summon Monster IV, and turn one of them into a full-powered monster only summonable with Summon Monster IV, not a lower-leveled one.

What I'm looking for:
Using Alter Summoned Monster on a pony summoned with a heightened Mount spell, to get a powerful monster with a 1 hour/level duration.

Use the feat Equipment Trick (Sunrod) to cast light spells at a level higher. Now you can enter Mystic Theurge as early as Fourth level.

Greater Spell Specialization in a spell not on your class spell list

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