Is closing the location after defeating an henchman still part of the encounter?

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Question raised by my group after playing the Wayfarer ally if I remember well that has a power that sounds like "discard to explore, add 2d6 to your checks during the encounter".
If you encounter an hench, defeat it and try to close, do you have still the 2d6 bonus to close?

It is not part of the encounter. See this.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
It is not part of the encounter. See this.

Well, damn.

Does that mean I can never close Ivory Labyrinth by henchman? ("At this Location: After you encounter a bane, move to Blackburg")

We know you can't close a location you're not at, but we played it that the closing attempt for the Labyrint is part of the henchman encounter, and therefore takes precedence...

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Yes, you still get to attempt to close. Both effects happen after the encounter, however you are told to do the close attempt "immediately" whereas the location power does not use that word. As such, you close before moving. If they had the same precedence, then it would be a case where you choose the order in which to apply the powers (and I'd think you'd likely choose the close attempt first).

Since the henchman's power to let you close triggers if defeated, once The Ivory Labyrinth is closed the location no longer has the "After you encounter a bane" power and it doesn't move you to Blackburgh. It does, however, have a power that moves you when you permanently close it.

If you encounter the last card and it is a bane but not a henchman or villain, then you would have to move to Blackburgh and not be able to close during the close step of your turn.

Also, keep in mind that the henchman says 'You may attempt to close the location this henchman came from.' As far as I'm aware, there's no rule that you still have to be at the location in order to attempt to close it. So, by definition, you'd still be able to close even if, due to some circumstance, you were not still at the location.

Actually, there is a rule that prevents that. See this FAQ.

Oh, I missed that! It came down when I wasn't following the forums so closely. Thanks!

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