Which of these classes should I build?


Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for a fun class for the next game I play and I am interested in the bloodrager, the alchemist, or the magus. Does anyone have some fun builds or suggestions for me?

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Bloodragers are boring. Rage, smash, magic, done. What smash next?

People cry foul when you're not doing the Dervish Dance/20d6 Shocking Grasp Magus build. other than that, they tend to be one-trick ponies.

Alchemists are a versatile class. Ranged with bomb-focused feats/discoveries; melee with mutagen-focused feats/discoveries; or unexpected.

Combine the Preservationalist and Reaminator archetypes and have two ways to get minions to fight for you.

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I have a strength based Bastard Sword magus, it's a boat load of fun I recommend trying it out!

There's more maguses than the shocking grasp standard. Besides their cousins the rime frostbite magus, or the true strike wand wielder, there's a smart hexcrafter, a subtler puppetmaster or the ranged archetypes. Note that some of these can be combined, e.g. using a wand of true strike with spell combat requires only one arcana and a 750 gp wand; one-trick pony-ism is only as absolute as you let it be.

Play a Hallowed Necromancer that boosts Boneshaker as much as possible. Absolutely devastating against undead if it sticks due to being able to control their movement AND remove their immediate action on their next turn (can be extremely relevant in some situations)

Against everyone else, it scales endlessly, so you can eventually have it deal a respectable amount of damage while also causing them to be moved into a bad position. Antipaladins in particular will find this spell rather lovely.

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I'd say alchemist myself, but I'm a bit biased towards them.

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Well, what kind of character do you want to play? Those three classes allow very different characters thematically, and are all solid mechanically...so it mostly depends on what kind of character you want to play.

N. Jolly wrote:
I'd say alchemist myself, but I'm a bit biased towards them.

I'm also a partisan of the alchemist, with a similar bias... I grant I've not had opportunity to test either the magus or bloodrager, personally or by seeing them in game.

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Fun is very subjective, but if your definition of a fun class in Pathfinder is like mine (versatile with the potential to be powerful but the utility to be usually useful) then I'd rank them thusly:

1) Alchemist
2) Magus
3) Bloodrager

with 1) being most recommended to play next.

That said, I've enjoyed playing all three, so you can't really go wrong (in my opinion).

I've played all three and have enjoyed them all. However, I agree with Leandro's rankings. Alchemist is a fun versatile class with something to contribute in most situations.

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