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Good day,

I have a lot of questions

1) Is is forbidden to skip your turn, can you begin your turn advance the blessing deck, and choose to skip/end your turn/Reset your hand right there.

2) Also, my friend has the Wrath of the Righteous Base set, and sometimes we play with his game and he says that if you choose to skip your turn you get a Peace token and that at the end of the scenario/or if we lose the scenario and you have a peace token, you lose 1 card permennantly from your character's deck, and get to begin 1 card short on the next game. Is that an official ruling ?

Finally, I bought SKull & Shackles about a year ago, fell in love with the game bought the gunslinger class deck, been playing with Skizza love him by the way.

Anyways, I bought Mummy's Mask last week, and I was planning on starting a scenario soon and I was planning on using Seltyiel, from my Skulls & Shackles Base set, am I allowed to do that ?

In the rulebook it says that; certain card from other set may not be as effective - that I understand and I accept the consequence, It also mentions that you are not allowed to swith the role card I am ok with that as well. SO I have a few more questions

3) Is there any official rulling that says its forbidden for me to use a character from a previous Base set into another base set game. (By the way I didn't play with Seltyiel in Skulls & Shackles) I would start with no feats unlock - fresh.

4) About the exchanging of the role card, I understand you cannot switch but what if I decide to play with the same character from a class deck instead, I just have to remove the character from the base set entirely right ?

5) And what if I decide to remove the Alahazra from the mummy's mask base set, and use the character card and role card of the S & S base set, Is there any rulling against that ? isn't the same as using a card from a class deck ?

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Hey, there. Let me see if I can help you out of the jams.

1) Yes, it is perfectly fine to do nothing on your turn. This is especially true if you start your turn with an empty hand or if the cards you do have are not helpful given the current situation (i.e. you are playing a low strength caster and you don't have any combat spells in hand). Just remember that the steps of your turn still technically happen (i.e. you still have a move step even if you don't move), therefore you will still need to apply any effects that happen during those steps. For example, if your location deals you damage at the start of your explore step, you will take that damage regardless of whether or not your explore.

2) No, that seems to be a house rule your friend made up.

3) No, you can use any character with any set, and yes, you would start fresh with no feats, only basic cards, etc.

4) To my knowledge, you wouldn't have to remove any character from the base set. I am not aware of any rule that says you can't have multiple versions of the same character being played at the same time. That is, you could play the class deck version of Alahazra while someone else in your group plays the Mummy's Mask version.

5) You use the role card that comes with the version of the character you are playing. If you use the Skull and Shackles version of Alahazra, you use the role card from Skull and Shackles. If you use the Class Deck version of Alahazra, you use the role card that came with the class deck, etc.

Thank you for your help

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