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Hey everyone, I *REALLY* hate to let this go (believe me!) but sometimes an unexpected expense rears its ugly head and one has no choice, alas ...

This is the EXTREMELY RARE Foil Stamped, black leatherette Special Collector's Edition of the Tome of Beasts. There were not that many copies of this version made and it's not available through normal retail channels. It has special end papers, 2 color ribbon book marks, and a special black leatherette cover with gold foil-stamped front cover and spine.

It's truly a rare, beautiful and very collectible edition! (did I mention how much it kills me to let it go?)

Please check it out and bid if you are interested.

TOME OF BEASTS - RARE Foil Stamped Special Collector's Edition PLUS Pawns


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Just 3 days left :)

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Last 2 days!

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You know, I don't think I mentioned that this also includes a complete set of the Tome of Beasts Pawns! as well :)

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Final few hours :)

I saw that and thought it was cool, but damn is $300+ a lot of money for a book and some pawns.

I mean, when I first saw this promotion, I was thinking $100-150, on the high end. Anything over that and you're talking about paying extra for the prestige of paying extra, like a fine wine (btw, never pay more than $70 for a wine; quality stops improving at that price). But really, who's going to notice? At best, other gaming enthusiasts, and gamers aren't really the type to care about the prestige of paying a high price for a book.

I mean, it's cool, but we're not talking about a first edition Lewis Carroll or something.

Sovereign Court

You know, I'd normally agree, but this is a book that I'd pay the extra amount for. It makes me think of some of the Pathfinder books that were floating around with gold foil. It is somewhat of a prestige thing, and the value of that can wildly vary, but if I had the money to get something like that, I would. Plus it is going for a good cause. I think there is some added value there. We have to assist our writers when we can.

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Absolutely correct Lorathorn - this particular edition goes for much more than that, assuming you can find a copy :)

Oh, FYI ... TOME OF BEASTS (RARE Foil Stamped Special Collector's Edition) *Plus* Complete Set of Tome of Beasts Pawns RELISTED :)

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2 days left :)

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And we're down to the final 16 hours!
Speak now or forever hold your peace :)

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2 hours and counting!
Speak now or REALLY forever hold your peace :)

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Lots of folks check this out last time, but no takers, so ...

Relisted just in time for Christmas :)
TOME OF BEASTS (Foil Stamped Special Collector's Edition) & 300 PAWNS

Grand Lodge

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I know this is years old, but you wouldn't happen to still have this to sell?

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