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I stumbled upon a type of table-top game mat -- also available as online terrain -- that is actually pretty neat in my opinion. The boards kind of remind me of some of the nicer boards for a board game, as one side is tough and black, and the boards are thick for sturdiness. They are wet and dry-erase compatible.

Anyway, about the terrain, you get to pick what kind of terrain to have. Most of what is currently available is outdoor terrain, but that is where my own table-top map stuff is distinctly lacking. With these tiles I will be able to fold them into configurations so that the terrain will appear as I want it to appear on the table and I don't have to attempt to draw it (I am a lousy artist -- I am quite blind so I often just have the players draw a map roughly according to my guidelines). I believe that this will improve the game experience for the players.

LINK: ds-with-connecting-paths-for-r/description

Pathfinder Maps, Starfinder Maps Subscriber

This project funded last week. There is a lot of neat terrain available. I am excited for the Underdark. I have long wanted to run games set underground but it sucks to draw all of that out and this will help immensely.

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