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can you use the eidolon stuff on your companion and give it wings

"the eidolon stuff"?

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I am not sure what you are asking.

If you mean using the feat Evolved Companion on your Divine Bond mount, no. There are two obstacles here.

First, is that you don't have the animal companion class feature. You have a mount that acts as an animal companion, but the feat requests having the class feature specifically as a prerequisite.

Second, is that gaining flight is a 2-point evolution. You can never gain it with Evolved Companion, which grants only one 1-point evolution at a time.

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The Primal Hunter archetype could give an animal companion wings as an eidolon evolution.

If you are looking for a flying animal companion via your sacred bond class feature, you could always take the paladin's Empyreal Knight archetype or maybe take feats in the Monstrous Mount feat tree which can give you a flying mount.

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