LF (preferably) CORE game to play, starting with a 1st level character.

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I have only played one session as of now within the PFS with a pregen, (though I have played Pathfinder outside of it and am somewhat familiar with the rules, sometimes they just mix together with 3.5 in my head though.)

I am looking to play in some online gaming groups and cut my teeth on this stuff. I am okay with higher level stuff if I can play a pregen, but I would really like to play Sprag, my 1st level gnome rogue.

A GM that could guide me through standard character creation would certainly be great, as well, as I am trying to decide what to make and what I can do for that. I want to keep Sprag as a CORE character and have a standard character available.

As an aside, what races are allowed in Standard? Assuming it's not too long a list. I checked the list of stuff but it was huge and not a lot of it listed races. Any books I do have are at home, so I am currently unable to check them. (Well, I could log on my bf's account and download them but I don't know if this computer's owner would be cool with that.)

Really, regarding the topic's title, I'll play anything, that's just my preference.

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I would love to join in, with a new first level character. Perhaps someone would like to run an Evergreen? I have been playing PFS since season 4, and have one Core character up to level 2, but I would really like to start some play by post.

Dino, I can help with character creation. Please give me a PM (up at the top, there might be an envelope icon by your name).

The rules for the campaign are in the Roleplaying Guild Guide which is linked to on that page.

You can play the races in the CRB, in both Core and Standard Mode, and additionally, in Standard you can play:

RPGG, season 8, p24 wrote:


Select your character’s race. The choices offered in the Core
Rulebook are always available, as are ifrit, kitsune, nagaji,
oread, sylph, tengu, undine, and wayang
, provided you
own a copy of the appropriate source book. Other races are
available as campaign boons; the Chronicle sheet in which
such a boon is available must be the first Chronicle sheet
applied to a character.


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Only Core races are permitted in the Core campaign.

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Also interested in a low level online game either VTT or PbP, been playing Pathfinder and 3.5 outside of society for some time but even after making an account and playing with character gen haven't played any society games and a little unsure where to start.
Fine with re-genning a character or using a pregen.

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you could also join the Flaxseed Lodge.

It is a PBP/Online lodge.

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I am recruiting for an extensive PbP campaign which may or may not be core, you can find information Here.

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Welcome to Pathfinder Society Online Play.

Did you have a specific format you were looking to try?

Play-by-Post (PbP), or real-time Virtual Table-Top (VTT)?

If you are looking for PFS Org Play for VTT or PbP, start by joining our PFS Online chat server here:


and then for VTT games join the Pathfinder Society Online Collective, and you'll find plenty of VTT games to get you started:

https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e

If you are looking for organized play for PFS PbP, take a look at the Paizo Flaxseed Lodge, and they will be happy to help you get started:

http://paizo.com/campaigns/TheFlaxseedLodgeCoreCampaign/discussion&page =last

As would the MythWeaver Guys:


If you have any questions/concerns/or require any assistance, feel free to email me at the address below, or catch me in the chat server any time.

Best Wishes,

- Jesse

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