Unchained Rogue: Debilitating Injury (Bewildered)

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Hi there.
Last session this came up. Is this rogue class ability a mind-affecting effect? It doesn't state anything along those line in the description. I ask, because I have a hard time accepting, that a rogue can "bewilder" a, let's say, construct, or any opponent which is immune to mind-affecting effects.
MAybe I just have a translation issue here (I am german), but as I see it, bewildering someone is messing with the mind of the target, isn't it?!

It's just the name, and it is not a mind affecting effect. It works on constructs, undead, and any other creature that is immune to mind affecting effects but not sneak attacks.

Liberty's Edge

Ok, thank you for you're help!
Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between "just the name" for an ability, or if it's actually meant this way...

When in doubt, ignore the name. Otherwise, you end up with lots of weird stuff like "if the attack isn't sneaky, it can't possibly be called a sneak attack" etc.

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