The Squad based tactical aspect of the AP

Ironfang Invasion

Its been described as something like what we got in the Reign of Winter AP. And I'm hoping they will improve on this as it could be tied into the hit and run Guerrilla tactics I would like to see in the campaign.

No mass combat but this could very well add a lot more to certain aspects into this wilderness adventure.

Also I'm curious as to how the town is taken from where the party is from?, and if there is some kind of game mechanic behind that.

Say the party has to save a specific number of fellow villagers, and each on adds or if the don't get saved might spell trouble or things might be harder as the party and the remaining townspeople hide out in the woods crafting revenge, and taking back their town? at some point?

Just some random thoughts I've had as the date slowly creeps closer to this hopefully grand outdoor adventure!!

Thoughts anyone?



Certainly some form of party tactics that inflect their expertise in wilderness fighting/survival would be grand. Maybe something that lets them travel faster through the dense forests of Nirmathas? Some sort of ambushing perk perhaps?

Thanks for the post :)

I noted there are other groups out in the wilderness that can help the party from those Bounty Hunters?? Maybe they might get involved with the tactical aspect, raids and such or x number of new squads to first send against that group, then the HB army perhaps, I can see this going many ways, hopefully some very cool, new and inovative ones!!


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