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I'll be running a home brew campaign soon, and we're using several optional rules. Instead of having extra sheets just for reference/notes for these rules, I was hoping someone could help me find a place I could go to get character sheets that incorporate:

Background Skills
Sanity Rules
Loyalties (Alignment-replacing rule)
Fractional Base Bonuses

I know Sanity is still relatively new, so I don't have high hopes of finding character sheets that have space for Sanity Scores/Thresholds/Edges...any help would be appreciated!

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I found an excel based character sheet and then spent time modifying it to my own liking, it has proven to be the best decision yet to give to my players.

1. when used on the computer the formulas auto filled in the information.

2. each player could modify it to their own needs if they choose to.

3 i could print out blank sheets of it for people with out a computer to use at the table.

4. as we all use it more we all find things on the sheet we want to modify so the sheet slowly evolves overtime and with the party as a group.

my players love the excel sheet that i have for a characters now, it has gone through so many changes and face lifts over the last 2-3 years since we started using it.

Personally i have moved away from using the excel character sheet or even a standard character sheet for that matter and started to just type up my characters in a stat block like presented in the bestiary or adventure paths. it has made all my characters sheets a more usable medium for me and i can modify it to accommodate each class and all my abilities.

I have also taken to typing up bestiary-formatted stat blocks! Could you provide a link to that Excel character sheet for my players?

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