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I'm not sure how is determined the stuff the creatures possess.

I'll take one example :
The Sahuagin Shark Sentry (page 192), Sahuagin Ranger 4 (CR6).

The monster creation rules told us that, for a CR6 creature, the gold is 3000 gp max. and the wealth by level rules told us that, for a 4th level heroic npc, the gold is 4,650 gp max. .

So the equipment that can be looted shouldn't cost more than 4650gp, right ?

Without even counting the 2 potions and the 2 scrolls...

+1 elf-bane bolts (4) = 4 x 8000/50 = 640 gp
+1 studded leather = 1175 gp
cloak of resistance +1 = 1000 gp
mwk underwater heavy crossbow : 2400 gp
20 bolts : 2gp

It's too much...
If we count only "other gear" and not "combat gear", we are near 4650gp, so it could be correct but... is the creature supposed to shoot 4 magical bolts, use two scrolls and drink 2 potions and they are for "free" and doesn't count ??

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I would imagine that monster treasure represents a lifetime of treasure hoarding Also, note that many monsters have no or little treasure so that average treasure earned balances out. And, of course, any treasure obtained has to be split between the adventurers...

sure, but there's rules, wealth by level for npcs and creature's gold , so are these statblock's treasures determined following a rule or not ?
If yes, where does I am wrong in my calculation and if not, why ?

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You've miscalculated the price of a masterwork underwater heavy crossbow. It's 400 GP, not 2400. If you recalculate this Sahuagin's wealth with that lower amount and add in the consumables you haven't listed, it comes out to 4567 GP, which is exactly what is expected for a CR 6 monster with class levels.

mekka2000 wrote:

+1 studded leather = 1175 gp

Do you expect your players to keep this or sell it, because if they sell it they only get half the value…

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